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  1. @Dry Tortuga Yeah so I did have a Spider Tour in the bag but I wrote earlier in the week I have been looking to buy a new putter. After testing a couple of different putters on and off for the past couple of week I finally bought a TaylorMade TP Del Monte.
  2. @iacas Thanks for the help. Old swing at the end of the Swedish golf season (Sept/Oct 2020) New Swing
  3. Ok.. They work for me so I am not sure which settings I should update. And I cannot edit my post on the forum
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 1,5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 17,2 (average score is 87-93 on home course par 72) My typical ball flight is: high fade The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hitting behind the ball (semi/half chunks), Accuracy I have been struggling with the occasional semi chunk with my irons so my goal has been to hit the ball more consistently and also adding more distance. I had a couple of lessons to try and fix this. A few key points that I have worked on since those lessons in November is: A higher and sl
  5. The cobra wedges are great but they are beginning to look a little tired and worn but that is most likely only to my eye. I will be going to a custom fitting for wedges just to compare these wedges to a new set and see if there is any difference in performance (distance/spinn/feel). If there is no difference then I will keep my Cobra wedges. My Spider Tour putter is great and offers a lot of forgiveness on off centered hits but I may buy a new putter this year just to try something new. I have been testing a few thicker blade style putters that I really like the look of when I stand over
  6. I am considering replacing my wedges but I haven't got a clue what will be released this year. My wedges are the only part of my bag that I haven't been custom fit for so I wanted to go and see if there is a tangible difference with my current wedges. But if Titleist/TaylorMade/Callaway/Cleveland/Mizuno/Ping etc. will be replacing their current wedges with new clubs then I will probably wait. Anyone know ?
  7. TaylorMade Sim Max driver 10,5 TaylorMade Sim Max 5 wood TaylorMade Sim Max rescue/hybrid 3 + 4 All with Ventus Blue stiff shafts 5-PW Ping G410 irons with AWT 2.0 stiff shafts Cobra King Pūr wedges, 52 (bent to 51), 56 (bent to 55), 60 TaylorMade Spider Tour putter
  8. No I didn't do it own my own. When I first started I got 3 private lessons for 2h each with basic lessons in irons, chipping and putting. During the first winter I also had a couple of extra lessons with irons/driver/fairway woods. When spring came around I got a couple of lessons with chipping and putting. So I had a lot of lessons in the beginning but since then I also practice every change I got during 2020. On average 2 times a week with 1-1,5 hours on the driving range and 1 round on our 6 hole par 3 course. Practicing "real" golf on that par 3 course has
  9. Hello I'm 38yo and even though I have always had an interest in golf I never picked up a golf club until the end of summer in 2019 and I got my green card just before the golf season ended in October. I practiced during the winter and played my first full round of 18 holes in April last year with 54 handicap. If there was one silver lining for me in 2020 it was that due to COVID-19 I was not allowed to work more than 60% of my working hours. That meant I had a lot of free time that I could spend on practice or playing golf so I ended the year with a handicap of 17,2.
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