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  1. Top Flite Gamer V2 golf balls. The new balls for 2011 in the black box. These balls are extremely long and soft and more durable then the previous versions of the Gamer. I would say the best ball they have made to date.
  2. I'm always playing alone so i have a lot of them. But i think my best one is a Par 3 about 165 yards. I hit a 7 iron literally inches from an ace. Had to settle for birdie. Like the tree alone falling in the forest thing...If you make an ace and there is no one to witness it...is it really an ace?
  3. With all of these "NBC Bretheren" appearing on the Golf Channel lately, does this mean that this is the beginning of the end of Primetime Golf from CBS? Less Nick Faldo and More Johnny Miller. And also, can Jim Gray say that he's back working with NBC? Just some random thoughts...
  4. Par 3 165 yards. A Smooth 7 iron 2 feet from the hole for birdie.
  5. You lost one and add another to replace him. It is true that Furyk is switching from Srixon to TaylorMade...but only the driver and ball.
  6. A Nike Sphere Polo and a Tiger Woods Collection Polo from the Nike Outlet store in St. Augustine. There were on sale for cheap for Black Friday
  7. I was talking about the Cleveland clubs which i have. Here are the complete specs. Club Loft Lie 1 16° 59.25° 2 18.5° 59.75° 3 21° 60.25° 4 24° 60.75° 5 27° 61.25° 6 30° 61.75° 7 33.5° 62.25° 8 37° 63.25° 9 41° 64° PW 45° 64.5° DW 50° 65° SW 55° 65°
  8. Read in Golf Mag that Jamie Sadlowski hits his 7i 240 yards. Powerful little man
  9. FootJoy SoftJoy gloves. I bought 5 of them because they were only $5.97 at Dicks Callaway Chev LP golf shoes. They are sporty looking and comfortable and pretty cheap now.
  10. I soak and clean the heads and wipe the grips every couple weeks or so with mild soapy water. Also after every round I clean my clubs with disenfectant wipes. Gets all the germs off
  11. A blind shot 145 yards to the flag over a dogleg to the right. I focused on a tall tree in the background and used my 8 iron. I hit it 5 feet from the pin. I missed the putt to shoot par but it was a great shot anyway.
  12. If you master the bump and run with your pitching wedge/9 iron you can be deadly. I use a sand wedge to fly it to the green if there is trouble in front like bunkers or water.
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