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  1. I’m traveling with my wife while she works in St Louis the first half of this week. Any good golf courses to see or places to visit? I think we’re gonna hit up Top Golf Monday night. There was a family golf center that looked interesting. Main thing I wanna be able to do is hit some golf balls and not break the bank.
  2. Bad because it’s too close or needs to be adjusted left or right?
  3. This is my first video I’ve taken using the mirror vision app, still working with it and trying to get my garage set up for serious golf practice. I’ve got a better area outside with more room but it would be raining today. So I’ve take 5 lessons now and am hitting it more consistently but am struggling with a flip at the bottom, Or Atleast that’s what I think.I’ve been working pretty heavy on getting my plane corrected. I know my camera set up needs some work but bear with me as I will post more videos later this week. I've been Playing Golf for:15 years, but taking it seriously for 3
  4. Is there a mirror vision user guide or tutorial. I’ve used it once and am having trouble getting lines on it to see while I’m practicing, I can put them on the videos no problem, but when I got back to record swing they aren’t there for me to practice with.....is there a way to swing and mark my alignment and spine angle and use those lines for practice swings?
  5. I love the amount of knowledge and ideas displayed here......now if I can just figure out what to search for before I ask questions......🧐
  6. My 8iron is 36, 9i is 40 and PW that matches is 44. All of these at TM RSI Tp’s for wedges I have a 48 52,54, 58,60 in coney SM5/6 yardages difference between the PW and 48 is about 25 yards currently, I’m gonna guess because of spin profile or maybe shaft differences. Any thoughts on how to fix this, cheaper the better. I would like to get a wedge fitting at some point but really wanna get my swing dialed in first. Been working on eliminating my OTT and cast. So should I go buy a 46 to go with the 52 and 58 or just tough it out and wait til I get my swing worked out? the
  7. I’m trying to follow your last sentence, but having trouble........ as far as it being a better option, I don’t know if it suits me better or not. I shot 89 today by myself which is about average for winter golf here(muddy and mid 40’s ) the last two rounds I played with someone that could be logged for handicap were a 91 and an 84. These were also conditions similar to today. I guess my question is what is wrong with posting solo scores, other than against the rules.....if were wanting the best sample size for scoring purposes to determine a handicap wouldn’t it make sense t
  8. So I understand the rule and I guess it holds people accountable to posting correctly, but there should be a better option.....maybe post only x number of solo rounds a year. If I only posted rounds played with someone that wasn’t in a tournament format, then I might post 2 rounds a year. That would eventually allow me to have a handicap for a tourney that could be badly skewed by how I am playing or improvements made? My club has roughly 125 members and another 50 or so regulars, but given my work schedule and such I play weekday mornings and typically only the retiree group is the
  9. I went option 3......I post solo rounds, wasn’t aware this was a rule, but 90% of my rounds are solo. I did play by the rules or atleast the rules that I’m aware of and have learned on here and other forums......I may play 10 rounds a year with someone else and most of those are scramble tournaments. That may change this year due to more people playing last year and getting more involved in the club.
  10. It seems like any time I get my phone set up, somebody calls and I have to start. I’m looking into GoPros that way it can be used on a cart to record rounds for fun
  11. I had wondered about the setup angle of the unit. I’m on a slight incline where I’m hitting, but I do have plenty of space before the ball contacts the net, in the neighbor hood of 15ft. I need to take some pics of my training area and get some ideas on what’s next. Currently trying to figure out what I need for a camera to record my swings.
  12. 130-132 on average carry according to the monitor, peak height was 125-130. I feel like that’s too high. I’m hitting into a net so it’s hard to say if the height is any where near right, I do believe I hit the ball higher than the majority of the people I play with. I know I could use more shaft lean at impact, but my instructor said not to worry about that as it will fix itself as I learn to swing from the inside(shallow). He also said he didn’t believe the ball was going too high either.
  13. I purchased a voice caddie sc300 over the winter and since getting lessons my numbers seem to be improving distance wide anyways. I was a super long back swing and extremely over the top. So my question is how accurate have any of you found these to be in regards to launch angle and ball speeds? My best shots with an 8 iron are showing 76-79 swing speed with a launch angle of 26-30degrees. Smash factor of around 1.24 however every so often I’ll hit one that I just know by feel was better and swing speed will be the same and launch will be 22-24 distance will be 10 yards farther and smash will
  14. Watching pros is what got me too long I think, I’d watch them then watch where their arms and club stopped in the back swing and tried to feel like I was close to that. when my instructor pointed out my shoulders turned well past theirs, and showed how going that far made it close to impossible to get in sync in my down swing it made slot of sense.....still is hard to feel like I’m hitting a full shot when 50% is a full swing now if that makes sense
  15. Spent most of last year working on flexibility and increasing my backswing length cause I thought it was short. Started taking lessons in November, just to find out that I was turning to 140 degrees give or take and I’m suppose to stop at~90.......who knew a solid struck ball could fly that far feeling like I’m barely swinging....
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