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  1. I agree Jack and Tiger are one and two but I think talent is talent. Hogan would be a big success today with that talent and this equipment just as Tiger would have been then had the birthdates been reversed.
  2. Really? Just what has Texas done that is egregious compared with some of the crap California is pulling?
  3. Very inconsistent with contact obviously causing speed problems. Head is steady, any ideas?
  4. No matter where you rank him, that is a great career.
  5. I daresay that the people trying to cancel him probably makes him more popular. He doesn't have to take a back seat to anybody in the popularity department considering all the things he has done off the golf course.
  6. And Tiger has changed the metric from major wins. Your point appears to be selective. You can add another stat in that Jack wasn't such a personal sleaze which should count for something.
  7. You are getting all bent out of shape over a subjective judgement. Evidence is available for either Jack or Tiger to be #1. You will assign different importance to some over another and I will do likewise. It boils down to the eye test of what the beholder thinks is the important stats. I could even make a case that Arnold is the GOAT when you look at importance to the game of golf. In my opinion, Jack was better. I have had the opportunity to see both play in their prime and in person. As to Phil, yes he is a great player, top 10 all time but for the reasons mentioned above I think oth
  8. Sure: IMHO Phil is not the third best golfer ever and Tiger is not a superior golfer to Jack.
  9. Playing devils advocate, if Kim thought the ball was still moving the would not 14.5 apply? He may have saved himself a stroke by doing exactly what he did.
  10. Ping bag big slot top and bottom with 2 slots in middle. Top woods left 6-8 right 3-5 bottom 9-wedges mallet putter hangs on outside of bag making clubs easier to get out.
  11. Justin Thomas -13
  12. Don't think the AMs are playing this year.
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