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  1. Playing devils advocate, if Kim thought the ball was still moving the would not 14.5 apply? He may have saved himself a stroke by doing exactly what he did.
  2. Ping bag big slot top and bottom with 2 slots in middle. Top woods left 6-8 right 3-5 bottom 9-wedges mallet putter hangs on outside of bag making clubs easier to get out.
  3. Justin Thomas -13
  4. Don't think the AMs are playing this year.
  5. Birdieputt


  6. The course I belong to is highly ranked and can usually get us on most places. Cypress is stubborn, you must play with a member. No amount of reciprocal discussion worked where it usually does. So my in did not work.
  7. Planning on going to the Monterrey Peninsula. Cypress is proving to be a problem.
  8. Was rooting for Spieth but until he gets the big two way miss fixed, he isn't closing. Putting was much improved.
  9. Well that certainly would not end well. Who is to say the cheater is here? The playing partner getting beat or the player? I could see the USGA solving a problem that really doesn't exist by creating a bigger problem. Right up their alley.
  10. Agreed no way the ball is getting near the divot.
  11. I would suspect the is working on not laying the club off as he always has which is evidently not working yet.
  12. Use a caddie if you can, it is part of the enjoyment of the trip. Caddies at St. Andrews are good. Get a reservation to eat at the Russell Hotel. Just a couple of blocks east of the course along the water. Dunvegans is a must, just up the street. If you can, play Kingsbarn when the tide is in. Sounds like a good trip. My son and I will be there for the Open and knocking off the English courses in the rota. Edit: forgot to mention another plus for the caddies, they know the best places to eat.
  13. I'm sure Rory is comforted that you have his back. Reed seems to be able to take care of himself and doesn't appear to be losing any sleep that you keep insinuating he cheated because of his reputation but at the same time saying he didn't cheat. Yes that is as tortured as it sounds.
  14. I am just showing you how you seem to be looking for ways to impugn Reed and how easy it is to look at others and no mud on the ball has nothing to do with imbedded.
  15. McElroy also said that his ball was imbedded because it had mud on the ball which, of course, has nothing to do with whether the ball was imbedded or not. So it seems his story is starting to get a little wobbly.
  16. Heard on PGA radio this morning on way in that Rory Sabbatini had the same situation and played it the same way as McElroy and Reed. The talking head also said that wet as it was there was probably 100 guys had their hands on the ball during the tournament. Kind of puts Griffin into the sour grapes category.
  17. Or there simply isn't any other incidents. Just trying to be objective.
  18. Use the bag stick and any bag works to travel.
  19. I voted no. He is a stone cold killer on the course and that is who you want playing on your side.
  20. I don't think there is a golfer ever born that hasn't been told something to the effect of "know the rules they can be your friend". I have personally worked multiple USGA professional events as a walking scorer and virtually every player was keenly aware of what rules need to be brought into play. Every bald spot became a burrowing animal mound, ants suddenly evolved into fire ants and we have all seen stances stretch out to reach a sprinkler head for a free drop. The actions of both Reed and McElroy were entirely within the rules including picking the ball up without a rules official pres
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