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  1. Real gracious how? Tiger is clearly the GOAT, but who has a legit/strong case over Nicklaus as #2? And why?
  2. If you are ardent that we can compare players across eras, how can you not rank people? 🤔
  3. This Thread would better be titled: “Is Phil A Top 5 Player All Time?”
  4. Who are your top 10 players all time, in order?
  5. Fair enough, who are the top 5-10 golfers ever, in your opinion? Do you have them in order?
  6. I see your point and it is well taken. It’s shocking he was never world number 1 in a 30 year career. That said, it’s quite hard to be at world number 1 when your entire prime is up against a guy who was by far the GOAT and 683 weeks at number one. And 283 consecutive weeks at world number 1.
  7. Most weeks at #2 OWGR: Mickelson: 270 weeks Furyk: 39 weeks Olazabal: 35 weeks Mickelson, considering Tiger, and the fields he played against, is almost definitely a top 5 player ever. 3rd behind Tiger and Mickelson? It's actually possible.
  8. How many weeks was Mickelson inside the top 5 for, in his career? Incidentally, total weeks inside the top 50: Mickelson: 1,353 weeks Els: 965 weeks Current Players (Longest Streak): McIlroy: 598 weeks
  9. How Much Deeper Has Golf Become In The Last 25 Years? – data golf blogs Is the depth of PGA Tour talent stronger than ever? | Reuters It is often said that the depth of talent on the PGA Tour has become stronger than ever, but does this apparently widespread belief stand up to statistical analysis?
  10. @turtleback Thank you!! Extremely appreciated! 🙂
  11. Thank you for the link! Much appreciated! Tiger never used persimmon headed clubs at the 97' Masters. He used a King Cobra Deep Faced driver with 9 degrees loft and a True Temper steel shafted driver. In fact, he never used the type of woods that Jack used, ever, on the PGA Tour. He did use a Titleist Professional 90 golf ball. Wound, old, garbage ball in 97'. @iacas Thank you SO much!!! Incredibly appreciated!!!! I will pour over these links!!
  12. No, it doesn't. Wilt Chamberlain faced more all time great Centers, and much more often, than Shaquille O'Neal. Look at how many Top Tier Hall of Famers he played 25+ games against, versus what Shaq faced. However, Shaq probably faced better Centers, on average.
  13. You have to compare them through the same age to compute percentages of wins fairly. Tiger just finished his age 44 season. Tiger has played in 85 Majors as a professional. Through the same age, Jack had played in 92 Majors as a professional. During those 85 Majors, Woods won 15, finished second 7 times, and third four times. Jack won 17 Majors, finished second 19 times, and third 9 times. Against much better top 5 competition, but (ostensibly) significantly weaker fields, overall. Where's the math?
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