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  1. Thanx for the Info! I was thinking along those lines, but you never know for sure till someone can com=nfirm something like that! Mucho Thanx!
  2. I picked up a pitching wedge the other day that has me a bit confused. It is a Team Daiwa 153ms-02, which I guess is a model number. It has 53 degrees stamped on the back of the club face, but on the sole where is identifies the type of wedge it is, it does not have the letter P, but the letter F. First time I've ever encountered this letter on an iron. Can anyone tell me what the F is supposed to mean? Appreciate it!
  3. You giys forgot the Stan Thompson "Ginty"! It had the loft of a 7 wood, and the sole plate was Vee shaped to get in the crap and get more club face on the ball. I used one for a while till I tried to hit out of a steep fairway bunker with one. The sand was shallow and there was hard pan beneath it. When I hit the ball, the club head broke off and went farther than the ball! Now my only gimmick club is my putter, but I'm thinking of leaving it in the car and put a pool cue in my bag when I play! 1
  4. When I lived in southern California, I happened to be in the San Fernando Valley one night when the wind was blowing about 30 mph, and gusting higher. If you've ever seen the Clint Eastwood movie "Every Which Way But Loose", that was the driving range I stopped at. The pro shop had a used set of Ben Hogan Apex irons for sale, and I asked if I could hit some balls with them them. I gave him my Driver's license for security and he gave me the 6 iron and a small bucket. I had to hit off the plastic mats, but every ball I hit was a draw, even though the wind was blowing the other direction. I
  5. When I lived in California, in the early 80's I met a guy named Sol Geeler who was kind of a sales outlet for Lil David Slingers. He would go around to various golf courses and driving ranges, and ask people to try them out and try to get a response from the on how they liked them. He also carried around some woods that had no insert or sole plates, and asked people to try those too. I asked him why no insert and sole plate, and he told me the wood was harder than the insert or the sole plate. He said those woods were made of Yew Wood (he pronounced it Yaw wood) from south America. He gav
  6. I've come a club I've had for who knows how long, and thought I might play with it. It is a Ben Hogan Model 5711, and it looks like it is a Sand Wedge, but it doesn't say what the loft is. I have a protractor, but can't get an accurate reading because of the rounded sole. Can any of guys help me out here? Knock'm'Stiff!
  7. I think Ben Hogan's secret was, that he didn't tell it to anybody! That kept a secret!
  8. I've been collecting vintage clubs for a long time now, and at 74 my memory is not quite as good as it ought to be, I have what may be an easy question about the flex markings on Macgregor Tourney shafts. Can anyone tell me what the E inside the diamond flex is. I think it might be a Women's Flex, but am not sure. Can anyone help me out?
  9. Hi All! I'm new on the Forum and still get to play once in a while. I am also a Club Collector, and may need to ask a few questions occasionally. I hope there are more old times like me on the forum who'll be able to answer my questions!
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