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  1. So now that I've learned I can replace my waterlogged FJ's with new ones, I'm checking out the other models they offer instead of just getting another pair of Contours. The contours are amazingly comfy, but I'm fighting the lack of stability they offer with my higher swing speed. Can anyone chime in, that they own a current model of FJ's which they are really happy with, that have good stability and comfort equally? It's hard for me to get a feel of the shoe just walking around the golf store! I have a flatter arch on my right foot which I put a second smaller insert under the main insol
  2. answered my own question on FJ's site, here's the info if anyone else would like to know! 2. Limited Waterproof Warranty FootJoy warrants that certain FootJoy golf shoes purchased in the United States will be waterproof in normal use for two years or one year (depending on the actual style purchased) from the date of original purchase, provided that the shoes have suffered no cuts, abrasions, or other damage and have not been subjected to abuse or other mistreatment. Should leakage develop within the applicable Limited Warranty period, FootJoy will issue credit for such shoes as follows:
  3. So I bought these FJ Contours about 10-11 months ago, and I started noticing my socks gettings wet yesterday...course was soggy but I wasn't walking in any puddles really... How does the waterproof warranty work with FJ? I'm hoping to go in and find my buddy at Golf Town and convince him to give me a new pair! How do retailers deal with this situation? Cheers ps yes I have the receipt
  4. I like the idea of playing whites as a different round of golf, I'll use that next time I go out with my higher cap buddies... I usually don't get excited about it, I dont want to shoot a really low round and then have to say "but I was playing the whites cuz the group wanted to, so it's not really a 74" lol...
  5. I am using iGolf for my Blackberry right now because it's free and simple, gives you front/center/back distances and that's all I want. As I've read, most phones and apps drain a full battery by 18 holes, so in my last round I turned off Bluetooth and Wireless connections to see how much battery they used. I had 30% or more battery remaining when I finished the round, so if you can handle disconnecting yourself from the world for 4 hours, as most golf purists would recommend lol... chances are you can get a full round in and not have to charge your phone on the way home! give it a try :)
  6. Hey I'm just curious how everyone likes to play their driver, I've been battling with adjustments on mine... Assuming most of you play the ball forward of center to some degree, my question is do you close your stance to compensate for the fact that the club is beginning to rotate inside on it's path? Read about that somewhere, wondering if anyone can chime in on how legit that tip is, for some reason I don't think all the pros do that, but it makes sense if you're playing the ball off your left heel or further foward than that... Cheers
  7. Can't say enough good things about the book Golf Is Not A Game of Perfect... I just shot the best round of the year, and maybe all time because of that book. I finished the book 2 months ago, but today was the first time I was able to stick to my strategy of trusting my swing, but more importantly, focusing as hard as I could on my target. On tee shots I would zone in on the 150 barber pole as hard as I could, even during the practice swing, then I would just stare right through the ball, while focusing on that target, almost like i was looking at it, while obviously looking at the ball.
  8. http://www.scottycameron.com/putters...ly.aspx?id=139 wow I don`t know but am I the only one that thinks this is a mess lol... $749 canadian, ONE PER CUSTOMER! lol
  9. I was looking for comfort as well when I bought a pair last year, the Golftown guy was wearing FootJoy Contours and says they are generally considered one of the more comfortable models, look up reviews on them, you will find a lot of people recommending them for comfort, and stability is fine in my opinion. Good luck
  10. 1. I tried left hand low in the mirror it really makes a difference in terms of shoulder alignment! I should get someone to look at my stroke though, I think my view is distorted in the mirror, since I'm not really looking straight down the shoulder line towards the target right? 2. I definately do this, been working hard on that lately. 3. I've never heard of #3, but that makes sense, I'm gonna check that next time I putt. Thanks for the tips, appreciate it!
  11. yes booze make me worse at golf as well, and I'm sure most would also agree. The guys that say it helps them play better are just alcoholics in denial haha...
  12. Golfshot GPS is a traditional system, Golfscape uses augmented reality technology, so you need an iPhone with a camera, you look through the camera lens at the golf hole and the software automatically puts the graphics on the screen relative to the hole! Pretty crazy if you ask me, wish I had the iPhone. Didn't know Scorecard was available on the iPhone, I like the idea of being able to enter notes, Golfshot doesn't let you...
  13. I have an iPod Touch and I use GolfShot to record my rounds, and they can be sent right to your pc in various ways to store and view them. Check out this site, http://shotzoom.com/ . I wish I had an iPhone so I could use their GPS software which there are 2 versions of now. I have a Blackberry Tour which is way behind is graphics power compared to iPhone so the GPS apps aren't as easy to operate on the Tour, but the touch screen berry's are probably a lot better.
  14. hey thanks for the reply, I agree with what you are saying, I'll make sure my chest is aligned too!
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