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  1. Ahh never mind...nice to know i'm looking along the right lines. Anybody played the callaway xr,the version before the xr16?...they seem to be pretty reasonably priced and plenty around on ebay....can be picked up for around £80 (€110).
  2. Yeh i appreciate that. I don't expect a newer driver to make me a better player...if i can get a more recent one that inspires confidence then in theory thats a good starting place.then its up to me to make it work. I guess because my current driver was old and cost £20,its easy to discount for a shinier newer one with more technology to minimise the effects of my bad shots.originally i bought as cheap as possible just incase i didnt know how much i'd enjoy playing...but i am loving it and so sooner or later i'd like to upgrade my driver for something reasonable that will last me for year
  3. Completely understand your point.i suppose what i am meaning to say is, will a driver from the past 5 years make life that much easier than one from say 2005? Have they come that far in 15 years in terms of forgiveness? And for instance,will an offset driver make much of a difference and would it be hard to switch back to a non offset driver further down the line? I line the cobra max and fmax but potentially they look like being designed for older or below average swing speed golfers? All im after really is a driver i have confidence in,i am not bothered about hitting 300 yard drive
  4. Hi, i am a high handicapper and have only started playing golf 3 months ago. I picked up a wilson dd6 driver very cheaply to get me going,which i dont mind but feel i'd like something a bit more modern (within the last 5 years), which will hopefully give me more confidemce and help to straighten out a moderate slice at times. I know practice and lessons are the best way to go,but i plan on being a recreational weekend golfer and so dont have loads of time to commit to this.i have an average 95mph swing speed and ideally would like an adjustible draw setting driver rather offset unles
  5. Yes all regular flex,i swing a driver between 93mph and 95mph,so as far as i am aware the regular flex is the right fit.all standard length clubs. Yeh i appreciate i have a real mix,i intended to get used clubs from reputable manufacturers then see how i got on with them first and if i gravitated to a certain brand,hence such a broad range. I think i got carried away on ebay, every time i looked i seemed to pick up another club! All good fun though! I originally had trouble knowing my distances so would hesitate subconciously thinking i would hit the ball too far,so i bought a low en
  6. Seem to get on quite well with the lob..which is a cleveland cg10 Got a real mixture of brands to be honest,i picked them all up 2nd hand. Wilson dd6 driver Taylormade rbz stage1 3w Ben ross vt xtreme 5w My hybrids are md golf superstrong 2h 4h, and masters mcz 5h King Cobra oversize ii irons Gw ben ross zip it Sw i bought new wilson harmonized And a new pinemeadow pgx putter. Looking forward to getting back out there now and getting proprly going as only played 6 rounds in total since started in early december.
  7. Thanks for the input guys,appreciate it. Unfortunately im in the uk so golf courses currently shut which is annoying. Its given me a chance to hit some balls in a practice net,and also time to think about my yardages and set makeup before i get into it....hence my forum questiom.Currently have only played 6 rounds.is it unusual not to have a 6 iron in the bag and do i have too many hybrids? Will a 2hybrid go further than a 5 wood? Thats the only club i dont knoe my distance for..
  8. I am a beginner golfer and carry my 7 iron 135yards. My bag currently looks like this.. 10.5*driver 17*hl 3w 21* 5w 18* 2hybrid 24* 4hybrid 27* 5 hybrid 7i-pw 52* GW 56* SW 60* LW I recently replaced my 21* 3hybrid when i added the 3w as i wanted another option off the tee really, my yardage gaps are pretty good,i just wonder if i am too top heavy with my set up? I hit my 5w very well and so dont want to take it out,whereas i like my 2h out the rough and as a more penetrating ball flight. I dont carry a 6 iron as i hit my 7 iron just as far and my 5 hybrid can cove
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