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  1. Nice show of class Steve Williams. You just over shadowed your bosses incredible win with your lame interview.
  2. I know the local rule at Rivera for the members is to putt around it. PGA Tour they can ship when there.
  3. And when the dust clears........ Have to say one of the best Sundays ever. Saddest part is we have to wait a whole year to do it again. A bit anticlimactic at the ending as the possibilities added up into possible dream scenarios. Great tournament and came close to being epic of all time.
  4. Then there is this guy named Tiger. OMG
  5. I think it was Jack said to Rory that he had more tournaments handed to him than he went out and straight out won. Slow and steady will be the name of the game for Rory. Even if someone presses him to share the lead. I think fairways and greens will be key. Ever hole that passes adds more pressure to the field. Hot streaks only take you so far before the odds catch up to you and that ugly bogey creeps in. (in general) 72 I say gives him a 75% chance of winning. The odds just get better if he can go under. Just don't back up under pressure when that player does make a run at you. Gonna b
  6. Is this the same caddie who let Dustin hit out of a bunker on the 72nd hole of the PGA Championship? Same guy that abandoned Dustin in the same situation? The caddie needs to grow a pair. Good defense is a good offense. Seems that is what is going on here. Deflect anger to a third party, right out of the I farked up play book.
  7. Good point. They played 18 holes with a player who attests the score plus an official. All challenges in before card is signed or done. Even with Dustin they caught him before card was signed so that was legit. Cost him the championship but did not DQ him. You keep DQ'in your stars because they get most coverage you hurt the sport in the end. How are the fans rewarded when PH is DG'ed?
  8. Curious what elbow is it that is bad? I am right handed and my right one acts up on occasion.
  9. If they drop it they will lose me a 12 year customer. I have been getting 2 to 3 calls a week from AT&T; U-Verse trying to get me to switch over. They are offering the world for me to do it. Main reason I have stayed with Direct TV is I have not had the drama of my favorite channels going away or not offered (NFL Channel) and they have the NFL package (that I don't subscribe to because I have Chargers season tickets but I like the idea if I ever need it) anyway if they drop golf channel I would have the motivation to check out U-Verse. So Direct TV don't do it.
  10. Anyway we usually play twilight rounds. I will on the high side have 2 beers a side or 4 total. In a 4 hour round you are not even registering much of a BAC. One beer metabolizes in your system in about an hour. Now if you shotgun them, then yeah I could see where your coordination is going to be effected. But does the relaxing benefit help outweigh the loss of coordination for a mid to high handicapper?
  11. There is a reason it is called aiming juice! LOL
  12. I keep hearing he wasted it away. I am sorry. The average person that is hit with lightening in one aspect of ability/life does not always hit it over the fence in all aspects. We all know golf is not a 100% physical ability game. John was blessed with that raw physical ability. He is not much different than the gifted artist that can't balance his/her checkbook.
  13. Who cares about ROTY besides Westwood? Pretty funny. I am sure Fowler would trade the award with Mcllroy for the win he earned this year. I think both of them will be so far beyond this a few years from now that even Westwood's head will spin.
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