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  1. ahh no wonder I was able to grab a dozen of the TP5 for $20 @ my golf show...I love this ball...
  2. Last years Nike VRs/20XI hats, visors @ Golfsmith was $2.97 a pop so I bought 10 of them to give out to my golfing buddies...Can't beat that price...the price tag said $12 but when I went to go check out they came at $2.97 so I went to grab more...
  3. Bit the bullet and bought the Tour driver...I have no problem launching the ball high and always wanted a lower trajectory drive...hopefully I'll get the results.
  4. hmm good read..I'm in the market for this driver as well and I just got back from golfsmith...I may need to go back and try it on the launch monitor to get a better understanding..I was just hitting into the net and this shaft and head feels really good for me....
  5. Adidas powerband 3.0s and love them...Just cleaned them and leather lotion them up, played a round and it looks and feels like new...
  6. Shot an 88 (45,43) at a county course... Been a long drought and battle...
  7. This Year... When I do find the time to practice, I focus on my short game. ~100yds and in shots, chipping and putting. For me based from my stat tracking (last 5rds) it is taking an average of 3 strokes from 85-100yds and that is not good enough for my goals.
  8. I'll add a bit to this thread...I was in the same boat last week.. This game of GOLF is all mental, just when you think you got it, NOPE. One day everything you do from tee to green is awesome, the next day its complete hell. First time last week I was able to shoot 87 and 89 back to back...Followed by 96 and 102. I am taking a week off and looking to get back down to the 80s again in 2wks...
  9. Last week while I was "off" from transitioning to a new job I had the opportunity to cure my golf craze. Usually I will play a round once a week. Last week I had the opportunity to play as many rounds as I possibly can, with the wife's approval and grand parents watching the kids...AWESOME! I was able to play a total of 5 rounds, one every other day...The first 3 rounds were pretty good shot 87, 89 and 91. The last two rounds were 96 and a lousy 102... So it appears to me the more I play the more I suck and I was pretty exhausted by the end of the week...Each is to his or her own bu
  10. If price is not a consideration and willing to drive there are many 5star course for you... 1. Whistling Straits 2. Erin Hills 3. Blackwolf Run 4. Grand Geneva courses 5. The Bog 6. The Bull Just a few within 2hrs drive time... 6.
  11. 87 on friday.. Going away golf.. 89 Monday. First time back to back 80s
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