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  1. Wow! I was born and raised in South Florida so I have only seen snow maybe four or five times in my life (not counting on tv) I don't know how you do it!
  2. well i got my clubs from a friend, i am very new to the sport, only played a few times, but i really enjoy it and at least i know i am dressed correctly for the sport(work for a golf apparel line) really i am working on learning the mechanics of my swing(very zen endevor...) I do live in the perfect golfing state and there are over 1500 courses down here. Can't wait to try them all once I get better!
  3. cool, i live in Weston
  4. try golfing in florida where we only have two seasons...hot and hotter
  5. by the way thanks for the very detailed reply!!!! I really appreciate it!
  6. Well we have that fabric in our cotton traders line that would be on www.palmland.com and they call it dry point fabric.
  7. Would you wear bright colors (I don't mean floresent or anything)
  8. Hey guys I have a question for you I work for a sportswear company that puts out Bruce Fleishers Flash line ( www.brucefleisher.com ) and we are delveloping next years shirts and I need some input. What color shirts do you prefer to wear out on the course. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated and brought directly to the owner, so...please help or i will suggest plaid! -Rachel
  9. Florida has great golf weather I love to golf here. Luckily we are saturated with golf golf everywhere,what kind of clubs do you use? I use hogan edge with a steel shafts. I know they are a little older but I love them!
  10. yeah i knew what you meant, was in england a few years ago, thought my brain was gonna freeze in my skull!(I am born and raised in South Florida!)Plus it does seem like it like to rain a lot over there!
  11. Weston, nice courses out here!
  12. Just wanted to say hello, cause I am new to the board!
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