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  1. I'd much rather play in the heat than in the cold. Only problem in the heat is sunburn. Sweating is not an issue, I fight against it with cold beer 🔥🍻 Very hot days tend to have harder greens which do not recieve your longer shots that land directly on them. The way around this problem for me is to use the fairway, having the long shot landing on thr fairway and rolling naturally into the green. When the weather is really cold you can also have good fun if you have the adequate layers clothing, neck warmer, gloves etc. The way around the discomfort is also to keep drinking som
  2. I've had the privilege to play golf in Portugal, Germany and Poland. I've hit balls at a driving range in NYC, in the USA for fun. I really want to play golf in Scotland and Ireland, these are my future destinations on the wishlist. So 4 countries so far. But the USA hardly counts, I wish I had the adequate time to play there so muuuuuch more 💭😁
  3. @Billy Z I may consider going to the portuguese islands Azores yes, heard nice things about it. Right now golf is still closed (covid). Regards and thanks for the suggestion! 🐳😎
  4. I can relate to this situation... Not long ago playing with a friend, on the second hole I made a perfect 90m uphill approach shot hitting the far end of the green, I supposed. As it turned out to be I never found that ball neither on the green nor on the adjacent uphill rough, and had to repeat the shot from where I had hit the approach once more, this time with the penalty. That disappearing ball situation stuck in my head for quite some time, I even considered that someone took it...(!) Maybe a bird 🐤
  5. I do have a hard time letting go of some bad shots. But then again it depends on the moment of the game and the shot itself. If I miss a very difficult shot going for the attempt to gain a stroke... I get over it pretty fast (e.g. hitting a 5 iron from the rough attempting to land on a receptive green at 175m but landing on a greenside bunker instead - that's OK for me) When I miss a pretty simple and easy shot such as a 1m putt for BOGEY, then I do get upset and I tend to get aggravated... 🎇 luckily it doesn't happen often! All in all I think it depends on the mood, and buildin
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome, @DaveP043 If you do find a chance to visit Portuga,l I'm sure you can enjoy great golf here. Do feel free to message me if you need any info on this magical place golf trip. 📫 I myself am looking forward to play again in Portugal, because the COVID lockdown has made it impossible to play for a long time. But then again i think I'm not the only one that has been expecting golf to re-open! 😷
  7. Hello everyone. My name is Coimbra, I am a golf player for 4 years now. I keep wonderful memories of these golf days that I've had so far. A golf course for me can be a place of mystical pleasure for the senses: the smell of the fresh cut fairways, the sound of the birds, the gentle dance of the palm trees in the wind. I am fortunate because Portugal has great golf courses and lovely weather all year long. Add some cold beers with friends at the clubhouse after playing 18 holes in the same squad, and you have the time of your life! Looking forward to be a part of The Sand
  8. Coimbra


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