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  1. Been off the site for 2 plus years but I'm back. My game has improved a lot and I'm now shooting low to mid 80s where I was shooting in the high 90s then.
  2. Lmao. Yeah it is really rough. I froze this whole weekend but man playing those 54 holes was a great stress relief.
  3. Only course Ive played that your mentioned was Babe Zaharias and I actually like that course alot. Its a short little course and will give you the possiblity of driving a couple of holes. I normally drive about 240 but if I catch one really good I can get it out to about 280 and I have driven three holes there. Greens are normally in good shape but always putt really slow. Have fun.
  4. Yeah for Saturday and Sunday they have higher prices and weird times but during the week he can play a Saddlebrooke or Lake Jovita which are both supposed to be really nice in the 75 dollar range and then if he wants he can play a cheaper course on the weekend or he can save the money during the week and pay more to play the nicer course on the weekend and spend the extra money.
  5. Hes only five days away chris. lol I love how everything becomes a debate when we post on same topic.
  6. If you book thru golf now their isnt a non fl resident price its all same.
  7. All public courses down here that arent resort courses like innisbrook are well under a 100 so you will be able to play just about anywhere. And if your staying near the airport (TIA) you can find a dozen+ courses within 30mins of you easy.
  8. I never use anything under my pw I always seem to hit it way to far, I feel like I have no touch with an iron, When I use my pw I normally get it down pretty quick and normally do about a 25%air 75%run. but can do the 50/50 if need. My short game is actually the best part of my game I love to practice chipping. I normally try and spend about two hours a week on my chipping now only if I could spend that much time on my driver and consistantly hit that.
  9. There are a ton of public courses read the reviews of courses on this forum as well as going to golfnow.com you will have no problem finding courses. when are you coming down and what are you looking to spend on a round and we may be able to suggest some courses to fit your price range.
  10. I have it and love it. My golf partner has a sky caddie and we are always within a yard of each other and I normally have most distances to fairway bunkers and most all harzard distances to and to carry. I love it for the 40 bucks a year it cost me. Plus I can keep score and stats as well as getting ariaels for courses I dont know for free.
  11. Mine was this last tuesdays. Popped up my drive about 100 yards left me about 250 to the front of green decied to lay up to about 85 yards which normally is a nice full 60* hit the shot a little further than intended and had 75 yrds to the pin. This normally is a horrible yardage for me. Decided to hit a little pw up there ended up hitting the pin and sat 2foot away for a nice little tap in par.
  12. all week its been upper 60s here in Fl, I love living in the warm areas. I never had to stop playing. I dont know how you guys can handle not being able to play year round.
  13. That would suck to be apart of. If everyone is sandbagging there is no real point in it since everyone does it. I could see a few ppl doing it but almost the whole club makes no sense since everyone is doing it, it doesnt give you an advantage over the majortiy. @ my club there is one know sandbagger who has ruined the tourneys @ the club in past and now hardly anyone competes in them. We now have a handicap committe that is in place to stop this(or attempt to).
  14. I used nail polish remover and it took of most of paint very easy. Then I just used an exacto knife for the edges.
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