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  1. No I never have, but if you look at my earlier post, problem solved. I wasn’t finishing correctly with fear of coming over the top....the hat just seem to exacerbate the issue.
  2. My farsightedness is excellent, but I wear 1.5x reading glasses when using a computer or reading.
  3. I figured it out......no it wasn’t the hat.....Lol. I was always taught to swing inside out, but took this too literally. My path was incorrect as I finished to far out and not around my body. I rarely ever hit slices. But this causes me to lead with the hosel and shank. I was able to fix it with the this tip from Saguto golf. Thank goodness! I hope this helps someone.
  4. Haha.....love the wise cracks, to me golf without humor for losers. But will try some of these suggestions. If I recall, didn’t Roy McLvoy have a weird shanking problem in ‘Tin Cup’?🤣
  5. I have an unusual shank problem when golfing. It seems to only happen when I wear a golf hat? As soon as I take it off, the shanks disappear. Has anyone else experienced this? Im wondering if this is related to my vision?
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