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  1. Thanks @JetFan1983 ! If you guys want a course built. Just put the coupon code TheSandTrap in the form that you use to see if the course can be done. It will bring the cost of the course down to $299 from my normal price of $387.95, if it can be done and you decide to purchase it. Can my course be done? - The Lidar King - Creating your local and favorite courses for TGC 2019 Please fill out the form out and include the full course name and address. There is no obligation and I will contact you to let you know if the course...
  2. For my courses you can lsearch under NobleMan or Kent.Shaffer . Both accounts are active, but the easiest way to find all my courses are on my google map. The Lidar King Google Map of customer courses.
  3. The customer wanted Pine Valley to have lightning fast greens, so I created them that way. You can always slow them down in the game prior to starting.
  4. I actually had Riviera designed before 2k21. 2019 Did not have it, so I designed it. Unfortunately, every one and their mother can put the name of the course and publish it. I tell everyone to look for the publisher as NobleMan or TheLidarKing. That will only work on PC.
  5. Yes they are. The courses I design can be played on Simulators, Xbox, PS4, PC and Switch If you want to see all the customer courses I have done, you can check them out here --> The Lidar Kings Google Map of Customer Courses Most of them are in TGC 2019 and 2K21. It will show the in-game name if you click on a specific course. There are over a hundred.
  6. There is no cost to see if your course can be done or not. Nice to see me and my site on this great site! Thanks to whomever brought it here!
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