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  1. Thanks. Koepka was embarrassing today. Should have hit an iron off every tee.
  2. I didnt put it in there. Koepka coming totally apart now. It isnt that difficult out there. I also have no idea how to change it.
  3. Koepka is going to have to worry about making the cut. He is spraying it everywhere. Might be intimidated by Morikawa's play.
  4. Lets see if Brooks can hold it together. I still have 2 to root for on the weekend.
  5. Watson and Rahm right in there. Hope Koepka does no worse than par today. Awesome to see players penalized for missing fairways and greens.
  6. Hard to do. With the equipment like it is now. Courses should be at least 7800 yards. I did forget to mention Rahm. My num 3 choice.
  7. Im happy we arent talking about a bunch of pitch and putt par 5's and driveable par 4's. I have a feeling par will be a good score when its over. Koepka did fine. Hope Bubba watson gets under par.
  8. jxdama


    I think changing courses would be a great idea if it is played next year. Congaree was as exciting as any tourney this year except for Phil's win.
  9. jxdama


    Players are coming here with no problems at all. I think this tourney was just fine. Didnt miss the Canadian at all. The lead group collapsed on an easy day.
  10. jxdama


    It was an easy scoring day but the final pairing shot a combined +7 with the inward 9 a total disaster.
  11. jxdama


    Im glad to see Hadley collapse. Lets see if there is a playoff. Higgo wins!!! They should cancel the Canadian open forever. Great tourney done on short notice. DJ wilted again. Hadley and English were a combined horrible on the final day.
  12. Cool. He is definitely in the top 5
  13. To no surprise of anyone he is perfectly fine and could have played before.
  14. How is he going to infect someone if he plays by himself? And lets be honest here. 600k isnt a legitimate number. Died with and of are 2 totally different things. And again, we have actual track history to go by. No pro golfer has died from corona not even the oldest and fattest.
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