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  1. Day 25. Range time. Went in planning to try some long iron vs hybrid experiments. Unfortunately still had some lingering shoulder issues and had to back off. Chipping work instead. Grabbed the 54 and swapped between high and low shots at varying targets.
  2. Day 24. Still fighting soreness in shoulder, so I decided to stick to putting drills. 50 6' putts, resetting and re-addressing the ball each time. Practicing rolling over my mark first and foremost.
  3. Day 23. Soreness in left shoulder today, so spent time on dynamic stretching and swinging with orange whip knockoff. About 10 minutes of 1/2 speed swings just stretching out and focusing on sequencing.
  4. Day 22. At the range (and wearing shorts for the first time this year!) Large bucket. Worked up through the bag. Spent extra time with my 54 and with 4 and 6 irons. Goal today was stopping takeaway at left arm parallel. Probably went past it, but wanting to limit backswing backswing so I can turn farther at impact. Have to really focus on it or I revert to old habits. But when it works my swing stays compact and much more controlled, with little to no distance lost.
  5. 500ish yard par 5. Drive is decent, just off fairway on right and missed the bunker. 5 iron to set up approach. Gap wedge to within 6ft. Made the putt. But... Snap hooked my first drive OB before any of those nice shots took place so took a 6 rather than a 4.
  6. Day 21. Happy Easter. No real time for golf today. But was outside grilling for 30 min so I worked in some slow backswing work while outside. Trying to shorten backswing a bit lately so working on that.
  7. Day 20. Putting. 15 min of 3,6,9,6,3'... puts. Working on stoke and smooth take away.
  8. Day 19. On the course day. Played 9, so that was part of it. But slow in front and open behind so lots of time to kill near the greens. Got a lot of bunker practice today; good to start getting the feeling back for those shots. And some misc short game work while I waited.
  9. Day 18. Little bit of chipping practice. Somewhat tired from last few days of combined golfing and yard work, so just taking it easy today. About 5-10 minutes of chipping into a hula hoop target in the back yard.
  10. Day 17. Bucket at the range. After warmup spent most of the time working on 4 & 6 irons. Struggled with those the last few rounds. Thinking I may not have the core strength to make as much of a turn with those clubs compared to others in my bag. Tried to limit backswing and work on clean contact. What I think is a 50% swing on a 6 goes 150. Im sure it's more than that in reality, but no mirror or camera.. Most "normal" shots are 175 but don't seem like crisp contact. Every now and then get that 190 pure shot. Telling me I just can't control the club or I'm trying to hard. Al
  11. Day 16. Played 9 after work. Took a day to just relax and go play. Tried not to focus on anything or really "work" at anything. Just a good walk and a few good shots sprinkled in. Will be back to more structure tomorrow.
  12. Day 15. Back inside today. And realizing I have a ways to go in terms of fitness ... more sore than I should be from 18holes yesterday. Decided to stick to putting. 6' putts, probably about 10min or so. Should likely be doing more, but just overall busy today. During the putts though one thing I've found that helps me is to reset my feet/stance/alignment each time. You still end up in the same place, as I know have subconscious markers in my basement and on the matt, but I think having to reset each time helps make for good habits.
  13. Day 14. Got to play 18 today. But holy crap was it COLD! 43* and 20+mph winds. Buddy and I were just stubborn enough to play because we prepaid a few days ago when the forecast said 55*. Anyway... Primary focus was puting driving practice into action. Drove the ball great. 12/14 fir. Glad I spent time on it yesterday.
  14. Day 13 Made it to the range today. Worked on driver for the most part. Playing with settings and trying to find a new "baseline". Also spent some time on shorter pitch shots. Doesn't feel like a good practice session without at least some short game work.
  15. Day 12. Another inside day (unfortunately). Spent 5-10min on putting drills - rotating 3', 4.5', and 6' straight puts. Also working on drills like this as I fight inconsistency with my irons. I like how Mike Malaska explains things, so I'm going through a number of his lessons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ii-FU3PouE
  16. Day 11. (Yesterday was mistakenly the second iteration of Day 9) Light work. Basic swing drills with a mirror. Focusing on good lower body and club lowpoint.
  17. Got my first round in. (technically had to do it across two evening 9's, but played all 18 holes so I figure it counts for this). I'm going to keep the training wheels on and target the "Par Challenge". Maybe if I can get my handicap down below bogey golf we can get more aggressive. Picked up three checkmarks... 2 pars and 1 birdie. Only sad part is that's three scores for 5 GIRs. Something to work on for next week.
  18. Day 9. Got out to walk 9 today. Really tried to focus on 80% effort for all shots. Worked for the most part, but the last three holes were through a 3+ club wind and it made me want to muscle through it. By and large I was happy. Still a shank and a few fat shots but I'd be shocked if they went away completely.
  19. This may be part of my block, what I wanted to get some input on. I hear the word "feel" and I translate that to "muscle & body feedback" in my head. And other than me really hurting myself trying something crazy I don't get that during the second or so of the swing. What I physically do... really releasing and rotating... maybe that's the "feel"? But I see that more as an input to the process, not an output.
  20. Thanks Dave. It's going to take me a while to make it through those threads, but looks like a lot of good information in there.
  21. General question for everyone, are you able to "feel" different aspects of your swing? Or maybe a step back, what do you equate to a "feel"? I'm working more on fundamentals this year... couple lessons, lots of range time and drills, trying not to get sucked into youtube rabbit holes, etc... and am somewhat confused by the term. Coaches and videos will always bring it back to you "you need to feel this" and "learn to feel that". Maybe I've just got a conceptual block, but I struggle with what this means. For example, "feel the clubface" to gain better ball striking and control - N
  22. Day 9. Trip to the range, time enough for a medium bucket. 10-15 shots at the 50yd barrel to warm up. Used P,9,7,5 for rest of work. Focusing on light grip pressure and hitting ball then turf. And trying to eliminate my ever present flaw of losing all focus and just swinging away. Seems like I still have 1 or 2 of thse "wtf were you doing" shots per round, would really love to be disciplined enough to clean them up.
  23. Day 8. Shorter one today. Spent about 15 to 20 min working on backswing through impact (home made impact bag). Trying to go slow and be able to stop at correct intermediate points, rather that full speed and not being able to see/feel where the club is.
  24. Day 7 About two hours at the range. 45min of chipping practice, bounching back and forth between 58 and 50 for different shots. Rest of time working through the bag. Trying to focus on fundamentals and not getting lazy... forcing myself to remember the setup and make sure I'm doing it every time.
  25. Day 6 Putting work today. a half-circle version of Phil's 3' and 6' circle drills. (Found my basement has a slight left to right turn on the south side)
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