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  1. In the Florida Summer I wear them. Preferably white sleeves. They not only offer some protection from UV, they also act like a cooling and wicking effect once the sweat begins to flow.
  2. Differing opinions are fine with me. I'm starting to see certain members being singled out and pilloried however. I'm not fine with that. But, earlier on I'm sure that it was a great read.
  3. Not surprising at all considering neither have a place on a Golf forum. I see this thread probably headed in that same direction pretty soon. It's kinda played out really.
  4. This is probably why I don't discuss the game of Golf on all those Covid 19 forums 😮
  5. My handicap is accurate. GHIN updates after midnight for all scores posted the previous day and any round that I shoot, I score.
  6. Our Club/Course is and has been running normally for the last nine months. There are a few exceptions being that the pin/flagstick has an easy lift mechanism to extract the holed golf ball. Our club carts have optional plastic barriers if people choose to ride together. Those of us who own our own carts are free to have passengers if we wish. Masks are worn inside the pro shop and upon entry into the bar/grille are until seated. Our community/club has not suffered an outbreak of Covid the entire time.
  7. What about those who have already had COVID and have the anti-bodies? An immunization is to make a person immune. Why would they be required to get a an immunization against COVID and then carry papers with them to prove it?
  8. I believe that something similar was tried in the 40's in Germany. No thanks.
  9. Sleep Number for us for the last 6 years. Best mattress/bed that we've ever slept on.
  10. Greens in Regulation is the barometer that I go by followed by putts per hole.
  11. Only two for me. Here in the United States and for three years when I was stationed in Scotland. I was fortunate enough to have been gifted a membership to the Cowal Golf Club in Dunoon Scotland.
  12. Frank F


    Not rule 21.2 LOL!
  13. Frank F


    Agree. I've played all of those formats personally. And let's not forget Rule 21.2 regarding maximum score during stroke play. In match play, I've missed and watched opponents miss 1 footers to win or lose a hole. But why else would the Superintendent go to all that trouble to actually punch a hole in the greens each day? I'm not working so hard in stroke play to arrive at the green in regulation just to pick up my ball. On a par 4, he probably should have picked up at 7 or 8 depending upon his handicap index.
  14. Frank F


    We putt everything out. Anything else isn't golf.
  15. You're absolutely correct Sir. Moderate away! My sincere apologies to you and the rest of the forum for my snarky commentary.
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