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  1. Reply: OK to play out with a putter as long as the grass edge does not overhang the bunker edge wherein the ball will go up in the air and back in the bunker. Overtaken by events wherein we had a tropical storm on Sunday with 66litres per m2 over 5 hours (13 pints/ft2) and 80% of the sand has gone. Still no local rule announced by the club.
  2. Our golf course in Madeira, Portugal has to ship sand 800km from Morocco for bunkers as all natural sand on the island is black. At the moment this has resulted in a reasonable sand depth being present in the areas of the rims to RHS bunkers but in portions of the central areas the sand is no more than 3-4mm deep with hard packed earth below resulting in a sand wedge bouncing off and it is impossible to take any sand in the shot. Incan find no definition of depth of sand in the Portuguese or R&A documents whereas the USGA states sand should be a minimum of 4” or 100mm. Would there be grou
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