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  1. For me, it entirely depends on if A) they mean it B) we're playing for something C) they're better than me lol And if we're playing for something and they fluff their ball up, I'll definitely say something
  2. I may get some heat for this and I may not but I'm honestly curious if you guys watch golf vlogs. This is a humble shill of my latest course vlog but I'm genuinely curious for those that do watch golf vlogs, what do you enjoy about them? Do you watch golf vlogs of people that are better than your or are similar and post honest scores? Or do you watch entirely for entertainment or educational purposes? I usually play a course in my area and post the front 9 of my round. They're fun, I don't slow any one down while record and I think it gives a great perspective of the shape of the cou
  3. Here is the front 9 at Royal Ontario Golf Club that I played on Friday. Course is really fun and has some gorgeous holes. Has anyone played it before?
  4. Hey everyone! Here is a round I played in the summer at a local course here in Toronto Canada. This is a shot for shot video with my gameplay and commentary. Hope you guys like it (I can attest this wasn't my best round ever) and hopefully will get you excited for the start of the new season! I'm hoping to make more of these videos this summer and would love your feedback, ie, what you think could be fun to watch etc.
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