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  1. Day 70 (6/13/21) - My wife filmed me taking swings with an 8-iron and Driver (w/o a ball) in the backyard. Positions seemed pretty good in the backswing, but in the downswing, I noticed that I have a tendency to let the club open up as I started down, thus requiring a correction at impact. Based on this information, I did several more swings focusing on keeping the clubface square to my line throughout the swing. Will work on ingraining this feeling again tomorrow.
  2. Day 69 (6/12/21) - Practiced my backswing today, making sure that I was starting from the correct setup and moving the club through the full back swing by position. In particular, I wanted to make sure that the clubface was pointed toward the ball when the shaft was parallel to the ground. I did this with my driver and 7i-SW.
  3. Day 68 (6/11/21) - 9-hole league tonight; it went ugly early and stayed that way....oh well there is clearly work to do to get more consistent!
  4. Day 67 (6/10/21) - Played 18 holes at NKGC today and shot 87, my first time breaking 90 since returning to the game in 2019 (after a 10-year hiatus).
  5. Today I shot an 87 at North Kingstown Golf Course, breaking 90 for the first time since returning to the game in 2019! Although I only had one GIR, I had 8 nGIRs and took only 29 putts....a personal best. Having purchased and read LSW cover to cover (some sections multiple times) definitely helped in this regard, including learning to launch my Driver higher and making better approach shots.
  6. Day 66 (6/09/21) - Slow swings using a noodle and whiffle ball. Goal to limit/eliminate my over the top move.
  7. Day 65 (6/08/21) - Went to the range today: Warmed up with some chips on the putting green and partial wedge shots on the range, Hit 20 balls with a 8-iron, mostly partial swings, with a noodle set at 45* to discourage/prevent/re-educate my over the top move, Hit 12 Drivers full swing trying to maintain the feeling from the noodle drill, and Finished with a few shots from the practice bunker. Good practice session overall...short and focused.
  8. Day 63 (6/06/21) - I fell asleep last night without adding this practice....worked on half swings with a noodle set at about 45* with the goal of getting rid of my over the top move.
  9. Day 62 (6/05/21) - Various types of chips and finesse wedges in the yard, practiced hitting to specific landing spots.
  10. Day 61 (6/04/21) - 9-hole league tonight. I had an up and down round which included 4 pars, 2 triples and a quad for a 47 (par 34). Need to get more consistent.
  11. Day 60 (6/03/21) - More rain today; practiced setup and backswing in the mirror.
  12. Day 59 (6/02/21) - Medium bucket at the range today. Full swing practice with 8-iron, 6-hybrid and driver; partial swings with sand wedge using full swing motion.
  13. Day 58 (6/01/21) - Putting practice; short distance wedge shots in the yard.
  14. Day 57 (5/31/21) - Some chipping practice in the yard; slow full swings in the house earlier today.
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