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  1. Day 12 (4/12/21) - More "Steady Head" drills today, without a club. I'm focusing on this aspect of the full swing for right now, but have begun the "Weight Forward" drills also.
  2. Day 11 (4/11/21) - Practiced chipping with Padraig Harrington's alignment stick drill and full swings with my driver being conscious of keeping my head steady.
  3. Day 10 (4/10/21) - Practiced chipping motion with the Orange Whip Wedge; about 30 balls to a 10-yard target. Then hit chips same distance with my Glide 3.0 Eye-2 56* wedge. Reading Utley's chapter on chipping today.
  4. Day 9 (4/9/21) - Did the "Shoulder Pitch" and "Trail Arm" drills from the 2020's "Covid 19 Practice Plan" video series (Days 2 and 3). I am definitely starting to get the feel of a steady head and proper position at the top.
  5. Day 8 (4/8/21) - Hit a medium bucket (70 balls) at the range today. Focus was on (i) hitting PW, UW and SW with a pitching motion (about 25 balls) and (ii) full swings with the 5SK "steady head" drill (about 40 balls) with PW, 7-iron, 5H and Driver. I focused on feeling the stretch on my right side in the back swing and keeping my eyes focused directly on the ball. After finishing on the range, I went to the pitch and putt course and hit 9-iron, UW and SW to greens with the pitching motion.
  6. Day 7 (4/7/21) - Practiced hitting chips and pitches with my gap wedge in the yard. Last week I had watched Erik's videos on chipping and pitching from last year and got the pitching motion with my sand wedge down pretty well. Yesterday while playing I really "got" how much more margin for error there is in the pitching motion than the chipping motion. Going to the range tomorrow to hit balls and after will do more work using a pitching motion with my gap wedge. next will try the same thing with a pitching wedge, then 9-iron.
  7. Day 6 (4/6/21) - Played 18 today at North Kingstown Golf Course and shot a 104, among my worst rounds ever on the course. The greens had been aerated and didn't putt well (38 putts today versus 30 two weeks ago), but that isn't really an excuse. Lot's of work to do!
  8. I ordered LSW about a week ago and am really looking forward to diving in.
  9. Day 5 (4/5/21) - I watched Erik's Covid 19 practice videos for chipping and pitching from this time last year, then went outside and practiced both shots in my yard. I particularly like the pitching drill where he has you drop the club from the back swing position for 2-minutes, followed by drop the club and pivot for 2-3 minutes. After doing this drill, I was able to hit solid pitch shots with my sand wedge (a 57* Ping Eye-2 XG). Looking forward to trying this shot with my 9-iron, PW and UW to get an idea of distances, although that will be at the range as I don't want to break any of t
  10. Day 4 (4/4/21) - I rewatched Padraig Harrington's chipping video, then practiced chipping with a sand wedge, starting with his alignment stick drill (place an alignment stick 6" behind the ball, weight forward and don't hit the stick). Started out a little raggedy but finally got into a better groove with the drill. Then without the stick.
  11. Day 3 (4/3/21) - A few weeks ago, I picked up a Ping Eye-2 XG sand wedge on eBay in really good condition and for a good price, which, as of today, has been reshafted with a Recoil 80 shaft like the rest of my irons. Picked it up this morning at Spargo Golf, then hit a small bucket at the range, as follows: Partial wedge shots with the Eye-2 XG and set (G710) gap wedge. The partials with the Eye-2 are 30-yards for a 7:30 swing and 45 yards for a 9:00 swing (yardages are approximates and hitting range balls), which is pretty similar to my Glide 3.0 Eye-2. I worked on 9:00 swings for the
  12. Day 2 - Practiced Utley's Orange Whip Wedge drill without a ball (in house) then hit 10-15 yard chips with the Orange Whip Wedge, followed by hitting these shots with my 56* Eye-2 (Glide 3.0; I also have an Eye-2 XG which I had reshafted like my Glide version) outside. I am getting a good feel for controlling these short chips with a sand wedge.
  13. Day 1: Putting practice indoors on my PuttOut/PerfectPutter setup. My drill is to see how long it takes to make 2 perfect putts from 1', 2' and 3', then one each from 4',5' and 6'. It took me about 20 minutes today.
  14. Bob M

    Bob M

  15. I've lurked here for years, but only signed up today. I started playing golf again when I retired in 2019 after 10-years away from the game. When I quit in 2009, I had been playing for 20-years and my index was 16.5; I typically shot in the mid- to high-80's. Flash forward to 2019, I was 10-years older (63) and hadn't played, other than a charity scramble, since I was 53. It took about half the first season to break 100 and now I am on a quest to break 90 and am thoroughly enjoying it!
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