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  1. Day 42 (5/16/21) - Did some slow motion full swing drills in the yard today (chipping a real ball) with the feeling of keeping my back to the target as long as possible. Plan to try this on the range tomorrow.
  2. Day 41 (5/15/21) - Since I haven't cut my lawn in a week, its now like the worst rough you've ever seen . I used the opportunity to practice Sieckmann's "c*ck and pop" shot from "Your Short Game Solution". Clearly, this is a REALLY low SV shot (in the past year there are only 2-3 times I could have used it) but since its useful on occasion, for short (5 yard) shots out of nasty greenside rough to a close pin, I took advantage of the opportunity. Additionally, I worked on pitching motion shots.
  3. Day 40 (5/14/21) - 9-hole league tonight. Shot a 49, which was 8-strokes better than my last outing. The full swing drills seem to be paying off.
  4. Day 39 (5/13/21) - More "Forehead on Wall" drill for several reps to work on steady head, then "Justin Rose" drills (in my yard) with a whiffle ball. About 10 reps with my 7-iron followed by 15 or so with Driver. I worked out what should be a pretty good pre-shot routine, at least for now, incorporating the drill, which I found helped my tempo too. I will be doing the "Justin Rose" drill for a while as I find it really helps several aspects of my swing.
  5. Day 38 (5/12/21) - Did the "Justin Rose Drill" without a ball, about 10-reps each with Driver, 7i and 9w. Then did the "Forehead on Wall" drill for several reps to work on steady head.
  6. I finished reading LSW this morning...what a great and comprehensive book! I'll be reading it again, starting with the "Decision Mapping" and "Game Planning" sections. Frankly, before I spend much time on Shot Mapping, however, my swing has to get more consistent than it is now, or it will be a challenge to find much meaningful information, LOL. Regarding the latter point, using SVs has definitely lead me to focus on what skills are most important to practice. Specifically, I am focusing on Full Swing Motion shots (after spending the early part of 2021 focused on Short Game Motions shots
  7. Day 37 (5/11/21) - Spent about two hours at the range. First I hit a medium sized bucket (about 70 balls) using the "Justin Rose Drill" (thanks again Darkfrog) and hitting only my 7i, 6H or Driver. Started with slow swings chipping the ball then worked up to slightly faster swings with more of a partial swing. When I got out of sync, it was back to the chips. Then played 9 holes of "Pull back" on the putting green, shooting a 22.
  8. Day 36 (5/10/21) - Mothers' Day travel, so I took yesterday off. Today putting practice: 8" back and 8" through to a metronome set at 60 bpm. Then 5' putts on the PuttOut mat with 8" back and through stroke and made 6 perfect putts out of about 20 putts. Note all putts would have been holed. Also, worked on the basic motion for the "Justin Rose Drill" ( thanks Darkfrog) which I will try on the range tomorrow.
  9. Agreed. Sieckmann refers to these shots as "Distance Wedges", but they are essentially shorter full swing motion shots. For me 30 or so yards from the pin is the line at which I will probably hit more of a full swing motion from A2, but depending on the shot, I can also use a pitching action from this distance. For these shots I use a 56* sand wedge. This past winter I did a similar matrix for 9-SW on a simulator, but "on course" am learning that it needs significant refining and expanding (to include 8-iron). In the near term (once I have tightened up my mechanics), I plan to find a fie
  10. Day 35 (5/8/21) - PuttOut challenge - took 47 tries to make 6 perfect putts. Even though they are short putts (1'-6') I focused on speed (making sure my back swing and through swing distances were the same), tempo and strike.
  11. Day 35 (5/7/21) - 9-hole league tonight. I can't seem to translate good drives on the range to good drives on the course and threw away a number of shots tonight. It didn't help that I had had a really busy day which included cutting the lawn. Like they say......golf is hard.
  12. Day 34 (5/6/21) - Hit a small bucket at the range today, about 1/3 each wedges (full swing motion), hybrids and Driver. After striking the first couple of wedges really near the hosel, I placed my Driver headcover about 2" outside the target line, which definitely helped me to move the strike closer to the center of the face. Low point control was generally good, as were distance and direction. Drivers were pretty solid, with better trajectory than I have been hitting and mostly with a gentle draw. The only exception was a fade which would have worked OK. Hybrids were a problem as I
  13. Good suggestions, particularly about how to deal with the length of first putt stat. I'm going to try this out tomorrow night during my 9-hole league.
  14. Day 33 (5/5/21) - Rained again today so for inside work I re-watched the "Lead Wrist Cupping and Palmer Flexion" video (Day 4 of the 30-Day Practice plan) and did the drills twice during the day.
  15. Denny - Thanks for your input. I agree that LSW is a terrific book! I hear you about total putts, although I tend to think this stat is limited, rather than useless. Short of pacing them off, which could get pretty tedious and add to slow play, how do you go about determining the distance of each first putt? Regarding putting, I spent a lot of time over the winter using my PuttOut mat, which really is about "bead" (to some extent speed too, but limited to 6 feet). The PuttOut does nothing for "read" however. saevel25 - Understood about extremely long first putts. Do you have any recommen
  16. Being a numbers guy myself, I like to track stats. When I returned to playing the game in 2019, not only couldn't I hit any fairways, I frequently didn't come close. Thus, more range time on the full swing and I focused on tracking FIR (in addition to number of putts). By the middle of the 2020 season, FIR was no longer particularly relevant for me because I was hitting on, or near, the fairway on 8-9 of 13 holes (there are 5 Par 3s on my home course) and my score only improved by a few strokes; I have stopped tracking FIR. In my reading of LSW (currently on Ch 21; Building a Game Plan s
  17. Day 32 (5/4/21) - Raining today so for inside work I re-watched the "Shoulder Pitch" video (Day 2 of the 30-Day Practice plan) and did the drills.
  18. Day 31 (5/3/21) - Played 18 today. I did a complete Jekyll and Hyde; 57 on the front, 46 on the back. More full swing motion work needed.
  19. Day 30 (5/2/21) - Watched the Day 1 video for the 30-day practice plan and did the drills with intention and attention. Playing 18 tomorrow afternoon (it's great to be retired ) and will probably run through the drills again in the morning. Something which I determined that I did on Friday is Eric's warning about Seniors flipping the club inside and top up of the take away. Everything went really bad from there, so I want to ingrain the correct feeling.
  20. Day 29 (5/1/21) - Pretty busy today, so only 10-15 minutes with the Orange Whip wedge. My focus was on using my body turn, rather than force on the grip, finish position, maintaining good tempo and the low point consistency.
  21. Day 28 (4/30/21) - Friday night 9-hole league tonight. With wind gusts up to 50 mph, it was one of the most unusual rounds that I have ever played! Although I won my match, I shot a 57...among my worst ever. What bothers me, however, is not the score itself, but hitting poor shot after poor shot. Putting and wedge shots were actually pretty good, but full swing motion on other clubs was uniformly bad. The message is that I need to spend more than 65% of my time on the full swing motion!
  22. Day 27 (4/29/21) - PuttOut Challenge again. Today it took 22 putts to make 6 perfect putts.
  23. OP - Last Fall I went through and irons and wedges fitting, ending up with Ping G710 7-UW and a 56* Ping Glide 3.0 Eye-2 grind, which is now the highest lofted wedge that I carry. Although I had carried a Lob wedge (either 58* or 60*) for years including after returning to the game in 2019, I was never consistent with the club. Furthermore, at this point in my life, I am a pretty short hitter and so can't make particularly good use of an extra wedge between my 95-yard PW and putter. The benefit I am seeing from dropping the Lob wedge is that I am learning to be more versatile with my 56* wedg
  24. Day 26 (4/28/21) - Range day....medium bucket (approximately 70 balls). I started by doing the "hips preset" drill with a 7-iron and after a couple of shots added an alignment rod perpendicular to line of my shot about 6-inches behind the ball, as described for low point control in LSW full shot practice section. I was familiar with the alignment stick drill having used in for chipping per a Padraig Harrington video. It became distressing pretty quickly as I hit a series of tops, thins and a bunch of the "S-words". Funny thing, however, when I switched to hitting partial shots (approximat
  25. Although I have not read "Every Shot Counts", I have read several articles by Mark Broadie on the topic, so the concept of "Separation Value" was not a completely new one to me. However, I'm finding its implications for how to focus practice time, as articulated in LSW, fascinating. I'll spend some time on these concepts later today at the range!
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