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  1. Well said! When I look back to see how far I've come since I started playing 10 years, it's a blessing to still be playing and improving. Just in the last year alone, I've been able to consistently break 100 without breaking a sweat, thanks in part to coaching, practice, repetition of setups, routines, and reflection. I invested in new irons last year, the biggest purchase I've made in golf. All in all, lots of blessings and milestones in my game. I have recently come to see and feel what causes me to miss the shot or have a bad hole. This is another milestone, as I'm able to learn from it and
  2. Good point! It's about showing consideration to others and being aware of the time you are taking to play. My family plays in junior events and golfers including parents can get impatient. Instead of waiting another few seconds to ensure space between groups, parents have their kids or other golfers Go Ahead and hit. Some tips I'll try when I know we'll be right up on another group at our current rate of play: - walk a little slower and have a conversation - stop to have a candy bar - clean the clubs - talk about we experienced on the last green and hole
  3. It would appear to me by your explanations that you have a solid body alignment, working tempo, and grip setup for your irons and hybrids. I'll call that your ROUTINE. In contrast, your ROUTINE for driving is all over the place, hence the wide variety of hooks and pushes. To help you quickly improve in driving, I recommend the FART system. Perform it in order and it's easy to remember haha. I came up with FART for my 9 year old son (right-handed golfer) F - Face, Get the club face pointed where you want the ball to finish A - Alignment, Align your body in the direction of your sw
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