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  1. I’ve already picked out 5 or so for myself. I’ll probably try putting some on EBay for cheap prices, just to see if anyone wants them. If not, I guess I’ll have 40 golf clubs to use. 😅
  2. Ok, I guess I just don’t understand it, they’re still golf clubs that work fine. 🤷‍♂️
  3. When I have time, I may post a pic of all the golf clubs I have.
  4. By “vintage” I’m just referring to clubs from around 1940s-1990s. Are clubs of that age really worth anything if they’re used? Would I be able to sell them for anything? These aren’t famous clubs or anything, just regular golf clubs.
  5. I knew it wouldn’t be particularly valuable, but I figured it would at least be worth $5-$10. I have three others of different lofts and I thought I might be able to sell them on Ebay or something. I bought around 30 clubs for $20 (most of which are irons) and the majority were in good condition so I figured I might be able to get some decent money for all of them.
  6. Does anyone know how much this club is worth? Or when it was made?
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