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  1. There are more 20 - 30 year old players on tour yes, but these stats are simply showing what the skill level is of each individual year of age. For example, the strokes gained off tee is the average of all 20 year olds, then 21 year olds. On the tails, I agree with your point that the numbers fall off so the data gets a little more choppy, but it's still all averages of each individual year. Good point and possible. What I find most interesting is the shape of each graph is different despite being the same players during this time. For example, clearly driving and putting go to t
  2. Ever since Cink's win, I've taken a look at various golf skills by age. Interesting takeaways. Driving and putting seem to be most correlated. Approach shots peak mid career - not sure why. Maybe strategy and course management matures with age? Around the green peaks latest, maybe out of necessity? Various players have bucked this trend. Cink driving improved with age. Interesting to hear thoughts on this:
  3. yes, good point. It's arm lock, but with claw grip so wasn't sure how to classify that, I went with claw
  4. Another way to look at it, those missing and making the cut by putting grip (excludes anyone over 60 years old to weed out old champions). Agree with previous comment that strokes gained driving / approaches could be a factor here, but still pretty interesting. Wish I had strokes gained putting stats to really nail this down.
  5. Here were the longs (I grouped arm lock putters like DeChambeau) in the long category. A. Scott B. DeChambeau V. Singh B. Langer M. Kuchar
  6. Interesting stats on what worked at the Masters as far as putting grips. Obviously not strokes gained putting (as Masters doesn't stat that), but probably some info in these numbers.
  7. Augusta's greens were stimping close to 15 yesterday, looks like the slowed them down just a touch today.
  8. What a difference on green speeds today vs. November, greens on fire today.
  9. Agree, let them play. They've earned it and it keeps the history of the game intact. I agree with another comment earlier, these guys have egos as well, so when they start posting mid 80's, they call it quits on their own.
  10. Goals for 2021: Become an avid switch hitting golfer (7 righty clubs/ 7 lefty clubs in the bag) Experiment with different grips sizes on irons/ woods See if I can wrangle a 64 degree wedge to my advantage Get 9 holes in early in the morning before work several times/ week Use some of the new golf technology/ smart equipment out there.
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