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  1. Sir, Wow - pointing out my grammar error certainly should have convinced anyone that I am not qualified to have the necessary knowledge to post on your website! If you choose to ignore facts concerning human genetics/ structure that Is your prerogative. It is certainly obvious that your have a disdain for others thoughts and ideas and they will NOT be allowed and I understand you will ban me. This is your website and you can do as you please !
  2. Sinik, If you observe the BS of Matt Wolfe you will observe that his right elbow is very much back behind his torso much like yours and much higher up than yours and he seems to play fairly well ! I would also suggest you get away from talking about your right elbow as if it is a controlling factor . More than 40 % of your brain is dedicated to it’s extremities ( AKA - hands) . Their is a direct line / connection between your brain and your DOMINANT RIGHT HAND . Your DOMINANT HANDS *CONTROL * almost all body movements. The right elbow does not control the HANDS . If you
  3. Boogielicious, Thanks for the great info .I will read much more of it . I am sure you are much more knowledgeable than I am and I probably wouldn’t pass your exam . I am just a simple man and simplistic language works well when discussing the golf swing - so I will stick with the last sentence under the second topic- *Musculoskeletal System * . That’s seems to work for me . Thanks much ! Great to hear from you !
  4. Sir, Muscles are constantly stretching and pulling our bones to form levers for our everyday functions. Those stretching and pulling muscles that pull the lever down and around to provide the necessary power to propel a golf ball - or any object . Just my opinion, but I put very little emphasis on the BS when I teach. I consider the DS as being much more important and where the difficulty lies !
  5. Iacas, Muscles don’t * stretch * ? Huh???
  6. Iacas, Sir- the statement I posted on April 13 is ABSOLUTELY FACTUAL and is critical to achieving a successful golf swing . Genetics rule . They are a very critical part of the learning process and can NOT be ignored.
  7. Slim, As wonderful as the human brain is - it can ONLY perform one (1) task in the 2/10 seconds of time allotted for the DS and that ONE task must be preprogrammed before the shaft is taken back BC the normal human reaction time is 1/10 seconds and obviously making changes / alterations during the DS would be impossible . If this is factual , and it is , I would suggest you learn which ONE (1) thought you deem as being of utmost importance BC you won’t be able to think about those many others you are describing! Good luck !
  8. Sinik, This has been the problem with golf instruction for many years - these guys are on the right track , but if they have any idea WHY the DOMINANT RIGHT ARM works this way they do explain it . What they took 15 minutes to explain takes me about 3 seconds when I teach . You simply HOLD the grip/ butt end of the shaft / lever and pull it/ lift it / throw it ( whatever definition you choose to use describe it ) back somewhere around behind your torso and form a lever system ( angle between your arms and shaft) so your left side LAT and back muscles are fully STRETCHED and ready t
  9. Sinik, Your problem is very simple . One that most players always make until they understand why . At 0.02 you have formed your lever system in a very good athletic position . At about 0.03 your powerful shoulders have begun their rotation and pushed directly out toward the ball / target line . The hands no arms of the average human weigh approx. 28 lbs and t hey lost the battle . They had NO choice but to go out with their more powerful body parts. It is a must to drop your DOMINANT HANDS DOWN and BACK before that powerful Scapula bone goes out . Otherwise , you will never be ab
  10. Iacas, It is obvious to me that this is a closed forum in which others thoughts and ideas are unwelcome and I will be banned for posting mine . Have a great day ! wishing you all a much success in golf !
  11. Golflug, Since you asked in such a nice manner I will attempt to answer with some facts. The thumbs are the most dominant parts of the hands. If the dominant right thumb is not kept / forced from rolling over horizontally during the DS it will ALWAYS do so and ruin your golf shot . You might want to try keeping your little ( pinkie ) finger leading and always horizontally above your dominant right thumb while sweeping the shaft down and around your torso. Kinda like TW , Hogan and most great players . That might lower your hdcp. down to my - 4 at age 82 . Just trying to help you. Y
  12. Vinsk, I am well aware of proprioception . The human brain will always know where it ‘s extremities are located . You can’t hide your dominant thumb from your brain , but in a task that only takes 2/10 seconds by the time the brain receives the message the hand will already be past that location. IMO- although many great players have have written books and tried valiantly to teach us what they felt during their swing had already happened before the brain received the message . That might explain why so many did exactly the opposite of what they thought they did . I apologiz
  13. Iacas , Apparently you know much more than I do about this and intelligent people can make up their own mind. I am not in to these A6- A7 positions . They are fine for super slo mo cameras, but the human brain does not work In real time and a player will not know exactly where his hands are in the DS . He can only preprogram / prepare a video in the brain and send a message to his dominant hands to carry out his plan before ever taking the shaft back BC he will have no time to make adjustments during the DS .
  14. Saevel, What parts of my above post are not factual ? I get my info from research and Neurologist. Thanks for replying!
  15. Iacas, I thought I answered that adequately in the first words of my previous post ! I base my answer on what I perceive are facts and logic and I don’t care whether others believe it or not . I understand that it would be impossible since it takes 1/10 seconds for messages to travel between the human brain and it’s dominant hands and in that very short period of time it would not be possible to alter or change . No human could possibly know where their hands are in 2/10 seconds of the DS and suddenly decide it is time to square the face with their hands . Human just don’t work that w
  16. No sir, I don’t! If you closely observe his HANDS you will notice that the palm of his right hand is facing directly away from his torso and obviously the back of his left hand is facing in the same direction . This indicates that he was PULLING his lever down with the strongest parts of his hands - that part that Karate experts use to break brick - the butts ! His intent could not have been to square the face with his hands . That would be impossible for a human . If TW ‘s intent was to square the face with his hands it would have been necessary for him to perform that way before this posi
  17. Klineka, Ok - then take 1 inch from the measurements I posted . Take off ever how many you want . That doesn’t change my point . Thanks for your correction!
  18. Ok - I’ll attempt to explain it this way . Tiger Woods is approx. 6 ft . 10 inches tall . Could we agree that his hands at the very top / end of his BS are approx. 6 ft. 6 inches to 7 feet ( close enough for me point ) vertical from the ground ? We know that it is factual that the DS only takes 2/10 seconds . We can also assume that TW formed his usual 90 degree angle / lever at the top / end of his BS between his arms and shaft . In this pic TW has PULLED his entire lever system downward on an inclined arc some 6 feet or so ( again a close guess ) . His hands are directly in front
  19. Iacas, Actually , the explanation i used is exactly how the human brain sees itself. Anyone who cares to take the time can easily confirm this for themselves by studying the research and discoveries of Dr. Wilder Penfield done in the 1900 ‘s - Cortical Homunculus * . And - I know exactly what I was talking about . I would be pleased to debate you on any subject I post about what I consider are facts ! L Thanks much for your reply !
  20. I base this on facts . Every great player drops their hands down back behind their torso at the very start of their DS before the rotation of their shoulders begins . If they didn’t they would have no chance to get into what Ben Hogan called * the slot * ! It is very obvious in the DS of Sergio, Hogan , Finau , Wolfe , Tiger , etc ; You can easily observe it for yourself. This is why millions of players swing out over the top and hook and slice .
  21. Thanks for letting me know . I try to stick to facts and truths and I don’t copy anyone . I have learned from the best on this Planet and I actually do know what I am doing . Knowledge of human genetics is the major key to a successful golf swing. Ignoring its importance is a mistake that one shouldn’t make .
  22. Vinsk, You might want to consider this . Our hands are wonderful, but they don’t possess the necessary power to propel any object . It doesn’t matter which side you choose to use - the only power available comes from * stretching * our upper torso LAT and BACK muscles . Those are our power sources , not the hands . The hands * control * almost all the body movements , however ! They must be trained to perform differently or those hooks and slices you refer to will happen. You see - dropping the hands down back behind the torso before your torso rotates cause the b
  23. Juli, Our dominant hands perform millions of everyday task for us that are in our subconscious mind. We never give them a thought. However, the golf swing is NOT in our subconscious mind . It is a learned conscious task that is totally foreign and opposite to human genetics. If it was NATURAL NBA and NFL and other great PRO athletes would be leading the PGA tour . Our shoulders ( upper arms ) are the most flexible joints in our body . This enables our dominant HANDS to bring food to our mouths so we could survive as humans and they will ALWAYS roll over, turn down unless we force
  24. Lane Holt

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