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  1. I have used a ton of different watches and devices through the years.  Ultimately I've narrowed my "vital" electronic gear down to a Bushnell rangefinder, a Garmin S20 watch, and the TAG Heuer app on my iPhone. 

    The TAG Heuer Golf app is the best iPhone app by far, and better that any SkyCaddy or Garmin GPS-only device.  (The TAG golf watch is amazing hardware, too, but CRAZY expensive – I know... duh, it's a luxury item – and the watch is just a tad bulky, too, though it is significantly slimmer than the Garmin S60/62).

    The Garmin S20 is simply the best golf watch available IMHO – this thing is the BOMB, my single favorite electronic golf device by far... 1) small in size, completely unobtrusive – pair it with an after-market simple velcro sports strap and you'll practically forget you're wearing it; 2) efficient, push-button design does exactly what it's supposed to –tracks every shot without any extra fuss; 3) Syncs with satellites and finds golf course more quickly than any other watch I've used (and again, without any fuss); 4) Syncs easily with Garmin Connect on iPhone at end of round to see every shot during the round mapped out; 5) Any necessary after-round edits (like when you forgot to select the club you just hit) are also pretty easy on Garmin Connect;  6) Gives enough basic statistics/data to be aware of generally where you're excelling or not.

    Based on the stupendous reviews a couple of my good golf friends have given me, I might try the V1 Game App and my Apple Watch s4 this season – from what they've said, the shot-tracking and especially the amazing data/statistics and the ability to compare to equivalent HCs or to the PGA pros is completely game-changing in terms of personal improvement.

    Maybe more than $.02, but that's my view on the subject...

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