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  1. I think talking s*** is s***. This comes from a person famed for what?...being famous and making sure they are talked about. Just DO something good. When I was competitive playing basketball or hockey I would take pride in keeping quiet, proving I could compete, beat them, and tell them "good game" after (maybe point at the scoreboard if they were real a**es). Just wish I could do that in golf too. 🙂
  2. I plan to replace a broken shaft on a 25+ year old Ping Eye2 5 iron. Should I reshaft the entire set of irons? I know that cost is a factor but what are other pros and cons?
  3. I learned in Dubai, and at the time the 4 hour standard was considered a max time. Our typical round was 3 1/2 hours walking in 100+ heat, wind, dust, and often 90%+ humidity. I am proof that poor golfers can play fast, and that you can miss a putt much faster too! Slow play is always bad but it's worse when one group with more than one open hole ahead is holding up a chain of groups; much like that damned camper/giant RV driving 45 and holding up a line of vehicles behind.
  4. Agree....keep human umps. I don't even like replay to be honest.
  5. The guy before always stubbed his tee shot into the right rough. Next time out it won't be an issue 🙂
  6. IMO sandbagging is a relatively isolated issue at clubs with effective handicap committees, and/or members that know each others abilities and self-enforce the handicap system. Personally, I would not enter a "gross only" event, nor would I be interested in playing in a competition with a reputation of rampant sandbagging or cheating (like a recent Spark event where you can declare a handicap and turn in an easy -11 nine hole score; now that's fun golf eh?). On the converse I know many people that abhor handicaps as well. Understand the probabilities and make your decision.
  7. Beer prices at the stadium are ruining the game....I mean the "pastime" I felt the need to add the definition of pastime...an activity that someone does regularly for enjoyment rather than work; a hobby.
  8. GAM - $0 WA Golf - $50; but add $30 supplement for Men's Club and get back a free round, punch card for free round, and 5 range tokens.
  9. KMP


  10. I started as a 28 under the R&A system when that was the max and only adjusted in tournaments. Took many an X and never changed until year 2 or 3 after lessons.
  11. Chambers is still requiring players to park at the practice facility and walk up to the first tee. At least the grill and other facilities remain open even if Pierce County went back to phase 2.
  12. Depends on the course in the South Sound, WA. Privately owned courses are leading the way back to adding rakes, etc. No course I play is back to normal.
  13. I'm curious how far they play as a par 3. Probably not the best course for walking.
  14. 5-6 Hours is par for Arcadia. Better to go to Kingsley and play it twice. The multiple sets of tees give you an option to change the angles significantly.
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