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  1. Being a professional musician, I can relate. I play all percussion, piano and orchestral percussion. I was hired to my first post as the principal percussionist of a 70 piece symphony which was accompanying a 200 person choir and we were about to air live on national television in an hour. We do a rehearsal before we play, and I had everything ready to go, and I had nabbed this huge pair of 20" heavy crash cymbals that must be 30 years old. In the first runthrough, the cymbal strap unraveled and the damn thing goes crashing down... The conductor just gives me this menacing loo
  2. My hands are usually a few inches ahead of the ball at impact on video. I tend to have a very long swing, parallel or past. I'd have to check the videos of wedges specifically to see, but I hit every club high... really high. I've never really lost distance because of it though. I was hitting it lower, but I haven't really lost a single yard due to the change.
  3. Haven't posted in a long time. I have played well the past few years, got my handicap down around 5 or 6 and played pretty regularly, but recently, I lowered my swing plane more, made my hands deeper, etc. I'm hitting all my clubs well, heck, I can pull out my driver and know for sure I'm going to hit it solid... I'm hitting better than ever. Here's the problem: My two wedges, sand and lob, are incredibly unreliable. I hit them shorter and often hit them poorly. I hit my 3 iron around 200-210 yards now, and it's probably the most consistent club in my bag. I went from hitti
  4. Professional piano player, not guitar, but I've held up my end with a guitar here and there. I've played for maybe a few thousand people and on some recordings. I'm not "good" in my own view. I have plenty of instruments, and all are good in some way, but that one just gives you that certain sound you're after. I like the fact I can play some good James Harrah style or maybe a good Steve Lukather imitation. Those guys, though, are good.
  5. Rickie Fowler is a PGA tour player. He has no wins. That's all there is to say. Other than that, he can do what he wants. He is exactly equal to where the numbers say he should be.
  6. No, not really, shorter clubs go longer for their given loft. They are more forgiving, thus the average goes up. The law of diminishing returns applies, your numbers are about right for your handicap.
  7. My point was that talent and success are not related. Dianne Warren is far, far more talented than Beyoncè, but has far less to show for it. Jay Graydon is a far better guitar player than Eric Clapton, but who here has heard of him? Talent does not equal success. Never has, maybe never will. Success is in much part based on luck.
  8. Um... So what? Accomplishments don't always tie into ability. The cast of Glee has had more songs on the billboard charts than the Beatles. Does that make them better, or more popular? Beyoncè is a woman who sings songs. She has 16 Grammys. Dianne Warren wrote: Always Tomorrow Strong as Steel The Arms of the One Who Loves You As Long as I Can Dream Because You Loved Me Blame It on the Rain But I Do Love You By the Time This Night Is Over Can't Fight the Moonlight Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme) Chasin' the Wind Could I Have This
  9. I've met pros who couldn't putt to save their lives. Literally would leave 20 foot putts 8 feet short. These guys duffed putts, yet still carried handicaps around +3. I've, to date, never met a person who couldn't reliably strike the ball who carried a handicap any lower than about 8. I have a friend who's a pro, and is going through Q-school, and he's a great putter, which helps offset the fact that he's not a very good ballstriker. However, he can take out a blade 3 iron, and strike 19 of 20 shots 200+ yards and within about 15 yards of center. He can drive it about 280 and does so eve
  10. Yep, work on your swing. You have no coordination built up just yet, so you won't be able to chip and putt well either. You need to work on (and here's a shock) not flipping the club. About 99.99% of all golfers flip the club. The rest are very low handicaps.
  11. Yeah, I think most people realize this thread is a joke. I'd be willing to bet 1 in 20 people on here gave a true average number. High handicaps are not able to swing on plane, nor can they consistently bring the club to the ball and strike it squarely. Distance requires just that. I'd subtract about 40-50 yards from everyone's driver distance to get the real number. Those who say they hit it 285 probably average around 245.
  12. Handicap is almost universally related to ballstriking up to about scratch. The difference between +2 and +5 is going to be more short game. My local pro here played for a while with a guy who was ranked dead last on the PGA tour's putting stats for two years. He said to call the guy a bad putter was ludicrous. His putting was far and away better than his. The difference? One is about a +3, the other a +5. The PGA tour represents the top 1% of 1% of 1% in the entire known universe. We're splitting hairs comparing them. The difference between the best and worst putters and ballst
  13. Saying Tiger is a bad ballstriker is simply silly. That's like saying that Dominick Miller is a bad guitar player because he's not as good as Lee Ritenour. Both are among the best on earth, but one is a little ahead of the other. Here's perhaps a bold claim. Tiger Woods is a better ballstriker than anyone on this forum. He tears courses apart. They had to invent the phrase "Tiger proofing" because of him. Do you think a putter did that? No way. He was #1 in par 5 scoring for many years. None of us could even DREAM of pulling off the types of crazy shots he does. For the love o
  14. WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? Are you kidding me? You think Tiger could score the way he does if he was putting for double bogey on every hole? That's the reality, high handicappers have bad swings, period. I too have seen many scratch golfers with ugly swings, but they are UGLY, not bad. An ugly but on plane swing with a forward leaning shaft at impact is fine. Too many people believe in the short game fantasy. If you're taking 5 shots to reach a par 4, forget it, you have no chance. When a tour pro misses the green, it's nearly always because their approach was off line. They
  15. Uh... the title of this thread made me do a double take... Read it again, closely.
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