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  1. Hi, We will have a tournament in June for 80 people and we need to have 80 gifts. I want to know what are the gifts that people like to get, can you provide me some ideas? Last year we flopped with too many coffee makers, microwaves, blenders, blankets left toward the end and you can tell people who last picked weren't too excited with the remaining items.
  2. Tiger Woods 2 under Rory McIlroy 2 under Lee Westwood 2 under I revised this on July 3--Not sure if it is still good.
  3. Some body in our group quit. I have an open spot for a tee time on this course at around 11:00 on Saturday, anyone wanna join? Send me a private message.
  4. Clambake, Thanks for the info, I will leave the push cart home. I am playing this Saturday to get ready for my tournament on the same course two weeks later.
  5. I am playing there for the first time. Is it a walkable course? Any tip? Many thanks,
  6. Stretch, Your tip of "feeling left knee bends forward toward the left toe in the backswing" is really good. I just tried this and I was unable to have the club go to parallel at the top of the backswing because of the restriction. I always feel that my backswing is too sloppy near the end and I want to stop at or before parrallel. I will try to incoporate this into my practice. Thanks,
  7. Hi all, Please critique my swing. I am trying to learn SnT from the book and not sure how it turned out. My major problem is probably flipping and short distance. My eight iron distance is about 125 with sky high trajectory. My driver distance is about 210-220 (carry) and 230-250 total. Compared to the guys I play with, I am usually one or two clubs shorter with the irons but hit the driver about the same distance. I feel that somehow I hit the driver more correctly than I hit my irons. Currently my handicap is 13, but because of a long break and minimal practice lately I play like a 20. Many thanks,
  8. I didn't post the original avi files because I don't know how to extract a small clip out long clip with avi file so I used Windows Movie Maker. I will try to take the video with the correct angles and post them on youtube.
  9. I just got a Casio EX-FC150 camera and immediately recorded my swing. I am about a year into my attempt at SnT with mixed results. I didn't get instructions but try to learn it from the book. From my observations, I can't believe how much I turn on the back swing. I would like to have a more compact backswing. I also tend to peek at the club during the backswing. My major problem is that I flip the club at impact. Can you take a look and let me know what I can do to improve my swing? Is it close to SnT at all? My handicap index is around 13. I hit my PW around 105 yards, most of my friends with similar handicap index hit theirs about 120 yards. I am not necessarily looking for more distance but I think the short distance might be indicative of the flipping and poor contact. http://pardreamer.com/khafrontswing.wmv http://pardreamer.com/ khaswingsideview.wmv Many thanks,
  10. My biggest problem is flipping the wrist at impact. As a result, my ball flight is sky high. My pitching distance is 100 yard. I have been trying to eliminate this but with no success. I have tried the 'secret' by Greg Normal, and the impact bag but still no result. Is this some thing that can be cured? Has anyone been cured from this?
  11. I just found out that it is just a scamble tournament with teammates randomly picked.
  12. I am thinking about playing in a firecracker scramble tournament but I am not sure what this is, could some body please explain? Thanks,
  13. Received the two PBS (w/ BOGO deal) and tested them at the range. Gained about 7-10 yards at the end of the pratice session. I am really excited. I have been hitting my 7 iron about 140 yards for the last 5 years but I hit it 147-150 today. Hope to keeping working with this and hit my 7 iron about 155 yards. The shot trajectory seems to be more penetrating than normal.
  14. I just won a slightly used XCG-3+ wood for a $100 Regular flex. Can't wait to try it. Thanks for your recommendation.
  15. I am looking for a 3-wood to replace my 6 yr old Mizuno MP-001. I haven't done any research for a long time and not sure where to start. thanks,
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