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  2. “Consistent” 95 to 98, by this October. Meaning 10 to 20 (yikes) less strokes at this time. I believe it is possible, through short game and course management alone. Just have to define consistent, haha. Weather permitting, my work schedule allows practice or play 3 to 4 days a week.
  3. Gotta love a good Goat track ! find the fairway, ball hits a rock, bounces 50 yards sideways.
  4. Looking for a good home forum, much like finding a home course ! Am in my 60’s and back at this game I love to hate after a long layoff. feels good to get out. Sunshine, fresh air and create some new cussing phrases! Currently a non existent golf swing.. and recalling how much I did and did not improve the last time I played religiously... (very religiously), well why not start again with S&T ! so that my story and I’m sticking with it !
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