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  1. Definitely something that could help him keep golf competitions in perspective.
  2. Please tell me it was also a vintage MB rather than modern utility iron.
  3. @David in FL I used to think the exact way you did and then realized I was still buying into the paranoia over COVID being some special virus. Knowing that it is a strain of a well-known virus family and that the core vaccine technology itself was not developed in response to this pandemic made the long term effect fear no longer seem reasonable. I did not care about potentially needing a booster because that is not really any different than a flu shot.
  4. Also some things actually are based on the physical rather than political geography - I remember the commentator during the 2019 Open specifically saying Rory and Shane Lowry played in Irish Amateur competitions together for that reason.
  5. I get the fear about long term effects if you think about COVID as some magic novel never encountered virus but once you remember it is just a strain of the cold then it is hard to really believe the medical technology behind the vaccine is so poorly understood that it could lead to such issues.
  6. Yeah can't say I'm surprised by that. Also as I understood it from watching Shane Lowry win at Portrush that the concepts of being from Ireland the island and Ireland the country are separate things? Obviously Portrush is in Northern Ireland but the announcers were still acting as if it was special that someone from Ireland won the Open while it was being held there.
  7. Were you consciously trying to compensate for whatever perceived swing flaws were leading to that?
  8. What are the injury rates like compared to American football?
  9. I can buy that it is more an issue of expectations than reality.
  10. Well Rick Shiels released a video where plays a 9 hole match against a former European Tour pro with a 4 club handicap and the pro went driver/7i/52°/putter so I guess that could be an argument in favor of the setup described in OP. Still think it really comes down to strategizing around the specific distances on the course itself.
  11. Think there is a some room between winning every week and what we would call inconsistent...
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