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  1. ohiolefty

    Low Spinning Wedge

    I think what you're getting from this thread is that there are a lot of different ways to create this shot, all of them involving solid contact and keeping the hands well ahead of the clubhead. This is a shot you need to practice quite a bit before you pull it off, and the best way to practice is to be on a course that isn't crowded (bad weather, right before dark, etc.) and do it that way, preferrably from the rough so you're not making a lot of divots in the fairway that are close to one another.
  2. ohiolefty

    Why can't amateurs make 20ft putts as often as pros?

    How about the plain truth(s) - Most people can't read a putt worth a damn, playing only a fraction of how much break they should Most amateur putters have flaws in their stroke that either excessively add loft to the putter or deloft it, leading to bad roll. Most amateurs roll the ball terribly. Most amateur putters are playing on greens that are horrible compared to what tour pros play on Most amateur putters haven't put in the time and haven't played on enough different styles of greens and golf courses to always know what they're doing on the green Most of us suck at golf, and if we didn't we'd play on TV for money
  3. ohiolefty


    I think working the ball makes the game EASIER...if you can start it at a certain point, it gives you a larger acceptable range of outcomes for the shot. If there's a bunker left and a pin to the right, I know if I start it at the left bunker towards the flag and I miss 10 yards left of where I wanted it...it's in the middle of the green. Conversely, that same shot that misses 10 yards left, if I'd played towards the middle of the green with a straight flight, might be in that bunker. I draw the ball reliably, and will fight a double cross with a cut because a ball is my more natural ballflight. But, I am probably thinking about 'moving' 85% or more of my shots because, frankly, I feel like it makes the game EASIER for me.
  4. ohiolefty

    How good are hybrids, really?

    I ditched traditional hybrids and went to a hybrid 2 iron that I'll really only be using for long shots out of rough and a few other miscellaneous times. Hybrids are great if you can't hit your irons high. However, I fight a hook to begin with, and I find a hard time finding a hybrid that doesn't tend to shut on me when I'm hitting shots with it...and being so hook-concious with the club mentally negates most of the physical benefits I'm getting from it. The hybrid I have now is, essentially, a slightly-easier-to-hit 2 iron with a graphite shaft that's probably a touch longer than a standard 2 iron. That's about what I wanted. I can also hit more shots with it than I could my 2 iron. I think you should play whatever clubs work best for you, and you need to be honest with yourself about it. As 'sexy' as a traditional blade is, I play a forged CB because it's what performs best for me. You have to do what you need to do. Period. If that means, for this season, you carry hybrids from your 5 iron up, then you should do that. If it means you should carry 1 hybrid, or carry a 5W, or a 7W or whatever - you should do that.
  5. ohiolefty

    Best pants/shorts to avoid embarrassing sweat marks?

    I don't cheap out on shirts. But, as far as pants go, as long as you have the right colors, I don't see a HUGE difference. I have an Izon outlet by me, and can get the 'better' Izod stuff (which is equivalent to the midline stuff of the good brands) pretty cheaply when I catch a sale. As far as outlets go, the Nike Outlets are very good. Adidas can be hit and miss, not great discounts. UA is somewhere in the middle. Puma has fantastic outlets, but they're not everywhere like Nike/UA/Addidas/Reebok.
  6. Didn't see it. Sadly, life sometimes gets in the way of watching. But, that's not shocking at all. I saw him scoop that 3W off of 2, and while he did mimic what he'd done a few times (exaggerated OTT movement that was way worse than what he did on the actual tee shot) he seemed somewhat calm. I saw some curse words and all of that from Abu Dhabi, though.
  7. Uhh...even though most of the time they're pretty savy about what mic is going through to the audio feed, you can see him swearing emphatically most of the time he plays. I saw it last weekend from the Middle East. I haven't seen much of the live coverage from Pebble except for a few holes today, and he didn't hit any real loose shots. I was playing around, though. I'm excited. It's good for the game. It's good to see Phil putting decently and not spraying it too terribly, and see Tiger managing his ball around the course and manage his misses better as well. Phil and Tiger in the same group, on TV, the week after the Super Bowl - that's a good thing for the game we love.
  8. Well...so much for the congenial atmosphere of the clambake. Should make for interesting TV. The juxtaposition of Tiger screaming "F***" after a bad shot; for all its flaws, this is a real reaction - then you have Phil romping around and signing autographs after he sprays his driver 75 yards off line into some old lady's head. Hmm.
  9. ohiolefty

    Phil suing over some anonymous yoyo

    A famous yoyo suing an anonymous yoyo. Note: this is not the premise for a hacky Sandler movie, this is really happening.
  10. ohiolefty

    Sean Foley's Teaching

    Foley's as S&T; as the guy who teaches me is - and the gentleman's in his 80s and never refers to any book or 'system' when teaching the golf swing. As much as I am skeptical of S&T; (mainly because of how P&B; come off, some of the literature/media they've put out, etc.) a lot of what they're communicating is sound and matches most modern conceptions of an athletic, powerful, balanced, stable golf swing. I think if you're talking to someone about your golf swing and there aren't certain things they're telling you that match S&T; (especially not moving off the ball) I'd be very skeptical of everything they say.

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