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  1. Well, I feel like I can't without my right elbow leading that movement, that's all you got it!
  2. Hmm guess I always tried to think of the two shoulders as equally moving opposite pieces and that's then a misconception. Is it truly right shoulder back or more like right shoulder back as an effect of right elbow external rotation and abduction?
  3. "Pushes your right shoulder back (toward the target)." Meaning on the axis of rotation around my spine that my shoulders go more than 90 degrees? Bit confused by this one, as I would imagine that pushing right shoulder back brings left shoulder more forward (toward camera) "Pulls your hands away (away from the target)." Meaning if I drew a line parallel to target line, hands would get closer to the camera but stay on roughly the same line (aside from whatever changes from your 3rd point about the right elbow)? Is this and the push right shoulder back basica
  4. Definitely! First drill is at 7min18s where he puts left hand under right tricep to feel connection going back. Second drill is at 10min24s, where he does a move just like what you showed me. Third drill/check is at 12min58s, where he basically resets his body to show where his hands actually are at the top of the flawed backswing. I feel like this re-framing was the most illuminating for me for the issue you called out? Fourth drill is at 15min4s, where it basically helps show what the right arm is really doing in the backswing (basically just folding more
  5. Hi @iacas, I was having a little trouble with the proper positions from your drill (I think the main issue is I need a full body mirror to self-check), but these drills below really spoke to me. How do you feel about what they're showing here? (ignore the preview image, the video is about the backswing and the trail arm, specifically)
  6. Thanks! Another thing I neglected to point out is that that face on swing with the driver was with an old 60g shaft. I found it was too light for me to have feel for where it was in the backswing and contributed to going too far past parallel. Upgraded it to a 76g HZRDUS Yellow (the shaft in the DTL clip in the original post) and have MUCH better feel for that.
  7. This video is a few months old and not great quality, started going to the range far more since then so my swing has become a little more controlled and connected. I've had to kinda battle turning my shoulders far more than 90 degrees for a while now.
  8. Honestly this is just incredible content. Very much appreciated! Seeing it both ways (starting with height and starting with depth) is illuminating. So it seems like when I'm filming myself at the range later on doing full shots after I've worked on these drills, that a good check-point is being able to draw a straight line, at the top, roughly from my hands down through my trail shoulder and into the middle of my trail foot?
  9. sinik


  10. Cheers - will try to get a FO view of normal swings as well (the feeling of being stuck and the resultant chicken wing is more pronounced there, for sure). Can just be a bit tough at the range I typically frequent. Appreciate all the feedback!
  11. Thanks for jumping in! I guess this is a common question, but the obvious benefits of fixing my bad move on the way up to consistency aside (and probably accuracy), is it ultimately compromising a lot of distance as well?
  12. Thanks, iacas! I'll take a look!
  13. Thanks fellas - what do you mean by no height? Relative to the shoulder plane at the top? Should my hands be closer to lining up vertically with my trail shoulder than being behind (to the left from DTL) of it? What's the feeling to force that? Push elbows together during takeaway? Would you say that fixing this would make it easier to move the right elbow properly and that (maybe?) the chicken wing follow through is a result of the move I'm making after A2?
  14. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: mid-90's My typical ball flight is: cut (and ball flight is higher than I'd like) The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: a pull / slice Hi all! Have lurked these forums for a long time and thrilled to have finally just joined. Been really working on my swing a lot lately (was weekend hack for the most part before) and have been feeling good progress (shot a personal best 89 the other day on a tricky course from 6,500 yards [71.7 / 134] that I nearly threw away with 2 triples i
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