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  1. "Read it, roll it, hole it" - Eddie Lowery
  2. I like my set. Have them for about a year and a half. 4-5-6 hybrid-irons are real nice. I hit them better than a standard-type iron. Very forgiving and, put a good swing on them, WOW. Irons feel great, 7 takes a little getting used to but its worth the time. Rest of the irons also very good. Solid forging...let them do the work and they will.
  3. Hello all- I am road tripping from Kansas City to Columbia Maryland. Plan to drive some and play golf every stop of the trip. I mapped out a route which has me stopping in Indianapolis and first day and Pittsburgh the second day. Anyone have a suggestion on which golf courses to play in the Indy or Pittsburgh area? I will probably be looking at a twilight, after 3p, tee times. Thanks
  4. My 50th is this month too so its a double bonus birthday and Christmas present. Came in early, Edel is pumping them out in a week for this one where we thought it would take six weeks. It feels so natural to putt with it. I love it!
  5. Carl's bluffing ploy was genius. Shank was a little lost, I think. If he wanted Russell to believe he had a 20 or 21, he should have spun around and sat down right after he made 15. He just kind of lingered there. I was a little surprised Russell fell for it. If Will is able to play and sing to himself the whole show he'll win. Calm and cool.
  6. By Bill Dwyre, LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/sports/la-sp-dwyre-20110531,0,4599888.column
  7. Par 3, 143yds, wind about 20mph left to right. Water along right side of green. 7I, fade left to right, landed 4 ft short of pin, rolled about a foot from hole to about 7 feet past hole. Closest ever to an ace.
  8. I think of my sticks as a football team. The putter is the field goal kicker. The rest of the clubs are like the rest of the football team. They get the ball down the field, or golf course, and the putter must make the putt, or kick, to score the points. That being said, I cover the putter...just like football, nobody talks to the kicker during the game, so I cover him so he can't talk to the other clubs. Just go out and do your job when it's time. I know, I'm weird...
  9. As far as an ace on a par-3... In my best Marv Albert voice, "Yes!, and it counts!"
  10. Elfego Baca . He's an old "Bandido" from the early 1900's. Many stories written about his adventures in New Mexico. Reads like an old Clint Eastwood cowboy movie. Great stuff to research. I can see the 9 happening. That ball would roll a little bit in the desert.
  11. KZG Forged Evolutions for $110 plus a trade in of Ping Eye 2's. 5-PW plus 60* wedge. Sun Mountain C-130 cart bag for $40. About a year old...maybe...looks new. I switch back and forth between bags...
  12. KZG Forged Evolution. When you can find them at Play it Again sports there are crazy cheap. Love to hit 'em.
  13. I can buy a ten-pack large bucket of golf balls for $60. Otherwise it is $8 a large bucket.
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