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  1. Just thought I'd let everyone know that the Game Golf Android app has been updated to fix the Live device Bluetooth issues. Though this isn't a feature I use or need, I figured I'd share in case there were others waiting patiently for the fix. They also updated this article to reflect the update with some troubleshooting steps: Android Live pairing steps Here's how to pair your Live device. Please ensure you're on app version
  2. You sir, would be correct. As someone who works for a software company...I know Pro is where it's going for sure. But sometimes, surprises do come along. 🙂 But in the end, Pro will certainly give me longevity and it's 1/1 so far. More rounds to come!
  3. Wow! Thanks for all of that information! Glad to see some information about Pro. I'm still on the fence about Pro honestly. Not from a "it doesn't work standpoint" (it does), but like you've said, "If Live works, why switch?". My hunch is Pro is where much of the money is going to go from a hardware/firmware/software standpoint. I can't imagine Live being improved upon anymore (outside of just making it work again) than it is, but maybe...? Plus, they did give me 20% off Pro so I feel it was a fair price considering everything that has been going on (along with Smart Caddie trial for 3 months
  4. @StuM Played 18 today with the Pro device: The Good: Everything uploaded. I didn't use the phone in anyway so just turned on the Pro device and waited for it to beep and started playing. I turned on the haptic feedback so I knew when a shot was detected. Putting detection worked quite well. When the ball was within a club length of the cup, I just gave it a good hit to put it in the cup and it detected the shot on almost all of those scenarios. The Bad: There were some missed chips and a few other random shots missed. A few times the GPS was clearly off just a touch and I had to adjus
  5. I had 6 rounds from a golf trip on my live device. Plugged into the computer, opened the "desktop" app on Windows 10 and everything uploaded just fine. But again, the problem is there are lots of "Star" names as the club and things seem a little "off" from where it was detecting shots and how many shots are being detected (there are a lot of extra shots for some reason...?). My putter is set to "Star" and I'm having to do a ton of editing. However, I had already changed everything to the "Pro Device" so it's possible there is a communication problem between these two devices since they rely on
  6. Unfortunately I have not had a chance to get out and play. 😞 Should be able to this coming weekend though (and with a new driver in the bag). But now I see some of you are having some rounds come back. One of my rounds is awaiting review as well but upon further review there is some weird stuff going on. There are a handful of holes where it thinks I started the next hole on the previous holes green. And it's "Star" as the club. Not sure what is up with that...? I'm guessing because I've switched to "Pro" that all my clubs are different now since I went through that process (or something l
  7. I got my Game Golf Pro and was able to apply all the tags properly and have it connect with the Android app as needed. There was a firmware update I had to apply and that went well. Now I just need to go play and test things out. I hope they update the app soon as I have rounds just hanging out on the Live device I'd like to upload.
  8. Yeah, for sure! 🙂I work in Technical Support for a living and deal with end users all day long so I understand the importance of caring for the user and the importance of sharing information in forums like this. They've dropped the ball quite a bit on this one in my eyes, but hopefully they can rebuild that trust back for those of us who are willing to stick through it with them. I ended up buying Pro with the discount they gave me. Figured why not try it. It's version 3.0. They have a 30 day return policy and if it just ends up being crappy for whatever reason(s), I'll just return it an
  9. I have been following this thread (and forum) for a very long time as a user of Game Golf Live. Obviously things aren't working for me either from an uploading standpoint since I'm on an android device. I do see they have made an announcement. I decided to reach out to them and see what would happen. Surprisingly I got a super fast response and was chatting with someone 1-on-1. In the end here is what they told and offered me: - COVID hit them hard - More marketing updates will be coming - Update to android app should be coming within days (I took that with a MAJOR grain of s
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