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  1. I remember a discussion a while back about one of the well known pros who was notorious for ruining swings... the saying went something like "he's been Leadbettered" only Im not sure if it was Leadbetter.. anyone know who I am talking about?
  2. not hard to figure out http://www.usga.org/Rule-Books/Rules-of-Golf/Rule-17/
  3. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stymie
  4. So it seems a lot of folks like the old Callaway Blues and that Dicks often has older balls in stock,,, So one should check their local Dicks for Blue Balls? sorry :)
  5. I cant remember the last time I left a golf course angry.... even when I shoot like crap.. it was still a good walk.
  6. I have the 07 burner, owned the tour burner, and the 09 burner. I still hit the 07 burner. I hit the TP burners and the 09 TP had a board for a shaft, but the head felt very forgiving and lively... I still think the 07 burner was the best one yet, and prices at used club stores back me up on this, but the 09 was a decent club and definately a step above the Tour Burner.
  7. Well I stopped reading on about page three, but this has happened to me in Yuma AZ, Desert Hills, San Diego at both the Stadium Driving Range and the old range down of I-8, Hawaii, Navy/Marine course, and VA at a range I cant remember near Quantico. Guess a: I am a frequent rule breaker and b: I need to stop dressing like a pro when helping a friend out :) I will admit that the incident at Navy/Marine invovled a video camera as well.
  8. mrt10x

    Settle a bet please

    Oh I clearly said I wasnt smart enough to figure it out.
  9. before all this I would have said 90 % chance he passes Jack.. now.. ill say 80%. I am not a Tiger fan and dont want him to do it, but he is still young and very talented.
  10. I nominate this thread as the asshat thread of the month.
  11. mrt10x

    Settle a bet please

    If you are not smart enough to figure out who won your bet.. maybe you should pick an easier bet??? I know I cant begin to understand what the hell you are asking.. stick to skins :)
  12. I think you should carry until you reach 40,, after that, get an old man push cart.. like I did :) I dont like seeing young guys pushing.. they should carry.. IMHO
  13. First and foremost buy a laser range finder. Find yourself a football field or other place you can measure off yardage from 10-15 yards. Make targets at each of these distances, get your shag bag and take your wedges. I carry a 60, 56, 52 and 48pw. Now learn how far a 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full swing goes. Take some masking tape and write each of these distances on your shafts. I.E. a 1/4 swing 60 goes 20 yards. You will have to become consistent in your take aways and disciplined in your swing lengths. I think this is a variation of what Pelz teaches. If you are really comitted to the game, lay down a couple grand and go to one of Pelz's short game academies.. I would bet they could solve your problem. A lo of places wont let you practice on their grass,, I used to carry a piece of driving range turf with me when I wanted to practice, of course that was in Iraq, where I did a similar process as above.
  14. MRT.. my initials, 10x = 10 x's in a pistol competition,, or 10 perfect bullseyes in a 10 shot string of fire, I used to shoot on the Marine Corps pistol team.. been using it for almost 20 years now.
  15. depends on the range finder.. my bushnell 1600 will certainly not fit into the console..
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