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  1. I tried to upload but it said the videos were too large from my iPhone. I haven’t been fitted. I’d love to blame the lie angle. I’m 6’1” but arms are longer than average. I’m putting fitting off because I feel my iron swing is so bad at this point.
  2. Hi All, Ive been working with planemate over the last week or so. I’m using it on my 60 degree wedge. I’ve progressed to the one handed shots. I’ve placed impact tape on the wedge and have noticed the following: a)two handed shots I hit it pretty flush but mark is always towards the heel and sometimes I hit a hosel city shot, right handed shots I can hit flush more often than not and mark is towards the heel, left handed shots are really difficult but if I manage to hit one well impact is towards the heel. I’ve struggled with an inside takeaway for several years now that isn’t issue
  3. Hi All, I recently purchased the tourstriker planemate hoping to improve my overly inside-out swing. I watched the setup video and the day 1 video and followed the instructions and placed the short band on my pitching wedge. The video instructs to place the clasp a few inches down on the shaft. When I do that and take my normal address position, it feels like the club wants to come up and I have to exert significant force just to keep it on the ground. I'm 6'1" so I'm wondering if it needs to be placed higher on the shaft since I'm taller than average. Also, for those who have used t
  4. Thanks so much for all the input. I’ll video my driver, full iron, and 3/4 shots and post them in the member area. From some reading I’ve done, an inside takeaway is ok for a driver since it’s a flatter swing plane but doesn’t do well with irons. I bought the orange whip around the same time this issue started and am wondering if that may be the culprit. I’ve tinkered endlessly with setup and stance to no avail. I hit most fairways and usually at least 240 but can’t hit irons. Hence the incredible frustration. Of course I’ll have bad driver days but I usually know how to correct.
  5. Ya I’ve thought about that in the past but it just takes the fun away from the game for me. 7 iron half swing 145 but full swing used to be 160s. I almost never hit a full swing well these days.
  6. I’ve been playing for years but am almost ready to quit. Past several years can’t hit irons consistently. If I do a smooth half swing I get center center contact for the most part but for a full swing with irons I take it back too far inside, according to instructor. No instructor has been able to translate driver swing to irons. Very frustrating.
  7. Hi All, long time lurker but first time poster. I realize a video would be helpful but any tips would be much appreciated. I have a very consistent driver(about 250and mostly in the fairway) but can’t hit irons for the life of me. It’s usually a heel stroke or a dribbler or a right fade. I can do punch shots/half shots and chips well. I have stock graphite irons from several years back and am scheduled for a fitting but if I can’t even strike the irons consistently I’m doubting the usefulness of the fitting. Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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