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  1. Must have been great deal of fatigue as they also were too tired to ever put the pin back in.
  2. A bigger and more critical objection would be including “Men’s” in the title.
  3. Great interview and perspective from Rahm today. Handled everything with class and very level headed. No link yet, but search it out later.
  4. I guess I don’t consider wedge game shots around the green. He’s just not that highly ranked in approaches ~100 yards in. Not particular to BD but I wouldn’t say OWGR is always a real good indicator of a players most recent form. And typically comparisons of value are made within a profession and not world population.
  5. Watson vs Phil is a really tough one for me to rank. They both had a bunch of major runners up which I think should be a consideration. 8>6 and Watson took down Jack a couple times in epic major showdowns. Phil just could never do this with Tiger. And yes golf fields have gotten deeper over the years but for the first third of Phil’s career American golf didn’t produce all that amazing talent outside of the obvious one.
  6. I think 3-3:30 is a good pace for a foursome. Course difficulty, familiarity, and setup matter. Can fly around my local track. Other courses which are more challenging would be difficult to hit under 3:00 unless many things fall in place. Playing fast is enjoyable. Constantly thinking about playing fast probably isn’t enjoyable for most people. My group can still be relatively fast but when 3 of us are on the same cadence and the 4th isn’t and your constantly thinking “just hit the damn ball” that 3:30 round will feel glacial. In my area if you want to play quickly on the weekend
  7. 7/15 -7/18 Was super pumped for the original 8 man trip to Sand Valley. Lost a couple people recently and since we had an 8 person cabin reserved decided to relocate with deposit refund deadline looming. Now super bummed. Shifted to 4 man trip to Big Cedar Lodge. Cancelled after 2 days as we reflected on very limited tee time availability and being able to play Payne’s until late Sunday. Want to go here with more advanced planning. Landed on Osage Beach. Have booked Old Kinderhook and Osage National. Will fill rest with Golf Now deals. Much easier availability 😀
  8. Speaking from perspective of former armed forces calling a sporting event a battle does nothing to diminish or belittle the courageous actions our service people make. And it’s not upsetting to hear the play on words in a sporting context to describe the type intensity unfolding. And nobody thinks it’s literal comparison between the two. SMH.
  9. To each their own. I really think BDC personality is more genuine than BKs tough guy, IDGAS act. BDC is a weird dude with a different type of mind for sure but it’s the way he is all the time IMO. They’ve both done/said things that aren’t the best look. I like both guys as golfers. I wonder if either have good friendships with other tour players?
  10. Appreciate the direction and clarifications here. The “league official” is unfortunately less of a rules expert than myself (and more focused on drinking beer). I’ll be better prepared next go. The league is more on the casual side from what I’d guess many on here prefer to deal with, myself included.
  11. I may not fully understand the options here. The Local OB rule was in place for a league. I snapped one hard left that I wanted to re-tee but the group said the league plays local rule and drop hitting 4 to speed up play. I think I would have been better off re-teeing as a typical drive would have gotten me way more yards. Yes, could have went OB again, but where I dropped I was looking to make 7 at best. I didn’t push the issue and dropped, but felt like I could still retee. My google search didn’t immediately answer my question.
  12. @iacastough situation, seems like you handled it the best ya could, and with class (even w the zinger at the end 😀) Other guy seemed like a grade A jerk. How did your team end up doing? Somewhat random question, any restrictions on phone/texting during a tournament round like this?
  13. Why were you taking issue with this situation and not your partner?
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