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  1. It’s like anything else, if you make a change and see improvement, then the change was worth it. Its just golf.
  2. Not a collector, but I replaced my Anser 2 with a Newport 2 and Scotty done got it right. Love the thing.
  3. I spend my entire word day buried in statistics and Excel spreadsheets. I was horrible in math in high school, now it’s my bread and butter. My algebra teacher would roll over in his grave I’d he knew what I did for a living. He had to hold my hand so I could pass my final and graduate. My tutor would laugh out loud. Having said all that, numbers don’t lie. Now I’m going to buy a new driver.... 🤣
  4. Not a fan of a bunker in the middle of the green.
  5. I practice 15’s and 5’s (or there about). No fluff or gizmos.
  6. Community College sounds about right for a law degree. Bruises don’t lie.
  7. Ok. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2014/09/11/nfl-players-arrested-domestic-violence-assault
  8. Too bad the law(yers) in the US allow idiots like him to get away with it.
  9. Take out that old Alien wedge and replace it with this! Act now and we’ll include a set of iron covers, stroke counter, and suction cup ball retriever!
  10. Short game, putting, and avoid the “hero shots”. “If I can just.......” is a killer.
  11. I seem to remember a movie about laying up on 18. Pretty funny.
  12. A. Find a course where the Superintendent isn’t a lazy ass and takes care of the bunkers. B. Ask the superintendent to take care of the bunkers. C. Volunteer to get up at 4am and do it yourself.
  13. Point being that “improving” bunker isn’t much improvement at all....
  14. Dropping a ball on a groomed bunker isn’t really going to “improve” anything but give you a fried egg. Make wherever local rule and move on. Tour setup for bunkers includes watering for the appropriate moisture content, fairway bunkers hand raked towards the green and greenside bunkers hand raked towards the pin. Joe Average Golfer isn’t getting anything near those conditions.
  15. Sounds like a cactus paring, nothing but pricks. The sissification of men continues. I’m sure the daddy caddy for his precious little angel is a real hoot.
  16. I don’t see why the PGA/LPGA/Champions don’t play a mixed tournament from 3 different tees. Each tour competing against itself, but playing a 3-some, one person from each. I think it’d be one hell of a tournament with something for everyone.
  17. Some people treat a round of golf like a trip to the dentist, others like a mini vacation. I’ve never understood the hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with mentality for a round of golf. If life is that busy, maybe a fella needs to look at his priorities. If your wife is chewing your ass because you were “gone too long, again”, then maybe golf needs to go on the second shelf. Anywhoo........ As to the turn, grab a dog and a Coke. Eat it in the cart, picnic table, whatever. First world problems....
  18. Had a friend who left his clubs in the car, always used the same head covers on his woods, and only brought them in the house with the rain cover on. Heat from the wife is worse than the sun. 🤣
  19. Is there any etiquette anywhere, anymore? That USED to be one of the best things about golf.
  20. Slow play is when Bernhard Langer asks to play through...
  21. Maybe a bit more “blade” than cavity back, at least in the traditional sense anyway. I don’t think anyone was carrying Murfields 🤣
  22. He didn’t mention left and right dispersion, at least on the data posted. Or maybe I missed it in the video. He said himself his pulled his own “card tricks” when fitting. Regardless, it entertaining to see and probably got a lot of clicks. I suppose someone on the fence wanting to improve their game with blades or justify the purchase might appreciate it. There’s a reason tour pros play blades a reason 25HC’s don’t.
  23. They are worse than teen girls on Tik Tok...
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