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  1. well got out this Saturday , beautiful course . they had just punched the greens the day before so putting was no bueno , no excuses I didnt strike the bawell and shot a 84. tough track though besides the maint on the greens it was a very nice track with lots of elevation change. Back to my home course this afternoon . I will be playing the whites 0 yds and keeping score like someone had mentioned. illl keep you posted
  2. maybe im looking at it all wrong . IDK , tomorrow ill be in Jacksonville playing Hidden Hills. just another chance to get it right lol
  3. 9 actually scrambled for par this hole 13 I bogied missed the green right , I belive 14 was the dogleg right and I ended up on the top of the mounds by the cart parth . laid up to 85yds and bladed it over the green . ended up with a 78
  4. I did the same thing last weekend at Orange County National . played Panther lake , Shotgun start on 15 from the orange tees. 9 holes 1 over. after #7th 11 holes same thing again .....
  5. I think thats a great question . there are times im pitching or chipping and its up and down move on . and there are times i dont feel comfortable . sand traps ? theres not many lies I dont feel comfortable hitting , I here it all the time from my buddies I play with that are single digit guys and they always comment how they wish they had my sand game . as far as my chipping and pitching in and around the greens. I know it needs work since at times its my biggest issue . distance control or catching it thin. Ive even switch to chipping off the toe and raising the heel of the club some im not
  6. My course the range is tied into the short game area and putting green so Im using the range as a general term. I'll start by hitting a wedge and not really worry about htting distance and just small pitches till im warm then ill move thru a few irons. Ill play the first three holes in my mind by grabbing the clubs I would hit on each shot hole 1,2,3 .. move to short game area for a few minutes then putt for about 15-20 minutes. sometimes ill walk but lately its been 95 with high humidty so walking and carrying my bag would be a grind . Its doable but my girlfriend usually joins and shes not a
  7. usually before a round I spend about 45 minutes or so on the range . Food intake , I dont eat much on the course never feel hungry its hot in Florida at 4 pm so I make sure and stay hydrated. at times I will play the forward tees but its never to work on shooting low . I will play up if Im wanting to work my irons off the tee and work on shot placement with my wedges on second shots but I have not kept score for those the rounds. Never thought to do it since Im literally hitting lw , sw ,gw, on most holes for second shots. mistakes , as in swing mistakes followed up by a bad scramble b
  8. Morning! well Ive been lurking on the outside for some time but after the last few months of grinding out a new swing I thought it was time to reach out and get some feed back that could help with some in round thoughts that have been troubling me. Just a quick back story picked up the game late im 45 and started playing when i was in my late 20s. didnt start getting serious about the game till about 5-6 years ago . When i started getting serious about the game my swing was still pretty bad my take away was too far inside and had to compensate in other area of my swing creating a hook bu
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