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  1. Sorry, I mean no disrespect but I can’t make sense of this. Ive been out practicing today - I physically can’t turn anymore and I’m not horribly inflexible. My back is to the target in the pic above. How does what you say relate to being able to shallow the club more and how does it relate to impact? What’s happening to my rotation compared to that of a good player? My pro has always said Im in a good position at the top of my swing. I just need to let the club fall at the top of the swing and has related it to the benefits at impact. He has had me swing under a pool noodle wit
  2. Thanks, I’ll get working on it. Just to confirm, the tilt of my shoulders (blue line) should be pointing towards the ball more? And my elbow tucked into my side more?
  3. As in not enough rotation of the trunk in the backswing and/or downswing? Is the right elbow too disconnected? Thank you.
  4. I've been Playing Golf for: 3 years My current handicap index or average score is: 21.7 My typical ball flight is: currently a slight fade. Used to be a draw to over draw. The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: duck hooks, big pushes to the right with the driver. Straight pushes and fat shots with irons. My last lesson with a pro a few weeks ago had me fixing my grip and trying to get me to shallow the club in the downswing. I always thought I was coming in way from the inside but was surprised to be told I was coming in too steep and out to in. I used to be very
  5. Thanks. Ive been told I cast the club/early release so I was thinking this might be something to focus on. I’ll be posting some swing videos tomorrow to get people‘s thoughts and advice.
  6. This loyal Australian customer thanks you for your thoughtful, kind response. 👍
  7. I had an aha moment with my chipping recently that has turned my striking around - actively holding my wrist angle, or what feels to me like holding the ‘lag’ (if that makes sense?) as opposed to releasing the club into the ball. Getting a greater margin of error, no chunks and seem to be utilising the bounce more. Is this something I should be actively trying to introduce into my full swing?
  8. I also see 30 points as a mark of success. If someone said “tomorrow you’re scoring 30 points” Id take that any day. Ive had rounds scoring 15 and 18 points and wanted to give the game away lol. But saying that, I don’t really care too much what others think because the guys I play with at my club are my type - just big tryers. That’s probably why we are mates. It’s the self-criticism of my own game that’s the hardest. Im very hard on myself. Have been forever. Id just like to walk up to the tee box with zero expectations. Easier said than done for me.
  9. I can relate, mate. Every career pursuit I’ve had I’ve gone at it full tilt, but now I’ve relaxed with that and just enjoy doing my profession. Every hobby too - music, other sports - I was equally obsessed with tennis and cricket at one stage. I come from a family of perfectionists. My brother is a highly acclaimed classical musician, sister is a doctor. And they have their own hobby obsessions too - CrossFit and cycling. It’s absolutely all or nothing for us.
  10. Hello all, Do you think there is such a thing as trying too hard to be good at golf? I feel like my enormous, constant efforts to improve have started to become counter-productive. I do some form of practice or play nearly every day yet my scores aren’t really improving. I’m completely emotionally invested in the game. Even at home in my spare time I watch golf on tv, read golf mags or golf books (especially mental game books), think golf…it never stops. Ive invested a lot in the game too - memberships, equipment, lessons, gadgets…I have researched getting more involved in other hobbies b
  11. Welcome mate. Washington DC? I love that city. Or Washington state? Seattle is nice too!
  12. Sample size 32 rounds. Dont hit my 5 iron so theres only a few shots for that. I use a 5 hybrid 25 degree instead. The 6 hybrid Ive only used sparingly.
  13. Yep, you're correct here I've just learnt. There are yellow tees at my course which are course rated, apparently reserved for the very elderly I've been told. Not sure what the age limit is. If I was to play off these tees my daily handicap is 20. Green tees its 25. I reckon that 20 handicap would be a struggle for me off the yellows - on many holes they aren't that much more forward.... We also have white tees which aren't rated. I think these are for casual rounds. Our blue tees for comps move around a lot. Tuesdays and Saturdays they are forward. Often next to the whites. I've eve
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