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  1. What is going on with drivers? Seriously.

    If they weren't constantly changing the size and shape of club heads, people would be upgrading far less frequently. It is a lot of marketing. I am sure there is some honest proven technology in there too, but I would wager it is mostly hype.
  2. My girlfriend has repeatedly asked me to take her golfing, to which I reply, "Man's game, honey." That is usually followed by a dirty look and few minutes of silence. I did however say she could drive my golf cart and fetch me and my friends beer if she feels so inclined.
  3. Official Tiger Car Crash/Infidelity Thread

    I don't agree. Cheating on your wife is never ok, but sex addiction (only speculating here given the number of infidelities) is a serious problem. I don't think that one vice, no matter the size or scope, automatically makes you an entirely bad person. But the man clearly needs help. No doubt about that.
  4. I have the budget for two clubs...

    So after considering everyone's suggestion I went to the golf shop and purchased a 4h (went with a taylormade '08 burner off the demo rack). It felt great in the shop so I will see how it works into my game and decide on a second club from there.
  5. I have the budget for two clubs...

    That is just the thing-- I don't "hate" my putter. I would like to spend some more time putting with it (much more than my recent once a year) before I pull the trigger on a new one. As of right now, I couldn't say with any certainty if I like or dislike it at all. All I know is that last time I was out and my putting sucked. I gotta believe that was mostly user error that much of which could be rectified with some practice.
  6. I have the budget for two clubs...

    When I say get backk into it, I mean practice weekly and try to hit a course once a month or so. I really enjoy the driving range. Now the only questioon I have about a putter, is how does a putter make you better at putting? I mean as long as it has a flat face, what else is there in a putter? It seems to me that of all the clubs in the bag, the putter would have the least amount of effect on a shot. That is, practice and execution would be far more key than the club itself. And with that in mind, I feel nothing short of overwhelmed when looking at the putter selection. Any advice on how to shop for a putter?
  7. I have the budget for two clubs...

    That is it right there. That is all I play with. The irons are oooooold. I think I got them when I was 15... i am 26 now. They (3-pw & putter) are a beginer set of Hippo's. I have no idea what the SW is except that it is old-- my cousin found it on a golf course and gave it to me. The driver is ~3 year old Nike Sasquach (i think)... I know it is a Nike and I paid ~$200 for it. Like I said, my approach shots from
  8. I have the budget for two clubs...

    That is a shockingly accurate description. I always get crap for my swing when I am warming up-- until I crush it down the middle, and then it is "how in god's name do you stand like that and hit it straight?". And the answer I have no idea. All I know is if I can get the club face square to the ball and the direction I want it go, it usually turns out pretty good. With the frequency of my golfing the last 4 years (1-2 a year), that is all I have time to think about. Great advice about hitting two 7's instaed of shanking the 3. I am definitely going to do that next time out.
  9. I have the budget for two clubs...

    Like I said, I played a lot when I was in HS, and I have played sports my whole life and am fairly coordinated. Not that I couldn't use lessons, but I am not out there duffing balls down the entire course. My worst club the last time I was out was my 3 iron. I couldn't hit that thing straight to save my life. I don't recall if I took a shot with the 4, but 5i and up I hit it pretty well on most shots. The 3i easily cost me the most strokes. So I would say I struggled most on long par 5's after the tee shot. The putting was pretty bad as well. I was on the green several times on the shorter holes with an opportunity for par that was blown by bad putting. As for the wedges I currently have just a pitch wedge and a sand wedge. My approach shots from
  10. To be brief-- I used to play a lot in HS and am trying to get back into it. I currently play about once a year at the company Christmas party and am tired of being the worst golfer on the course (this year makes it two in a row). That and I always forget how much I enjoy the game until the Christmas party rolls around. So here is the deal-- I have the budget for two new clubs. I currently have 1 driver, 3-9 irons, and the other bare essentials. After doing some reading I think I wand to add a 3H, but don't know if I should also add a 4h or a 5w instead. What do you guys think?
  11. Official Tiger Car Crash/Infidelity Thread

    I still think he is a good guy overall, he just happens to be addicted to more than golf. Being addicted to the P is a serious matter... the man needs help.
  12. Best Shot of the Week

    I had an unusually nice shot out of the sand and was able to sink my first put.
  13. Jack or Tiger: Who's the Greatest Golfer?

    You will never reach a definitive conclusion trying to compare greats from difference eras.
  14. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I am an accountant. I pretty much spend my day counting money, asking for money, and telling coworkers not to spend ours.