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  1. What do you guys think about limit hip turn on back swing for greater hip turn down swing? I believe my swing is full hip and shoulder turn on back swing but only get a little bit open hip at impact. any drill to help me achieve this and get more hip turn on down swing? the best I can do at impact.
  2. This was the fourth time I played round of golf and very first time I kept a score. I got 115, double par limit, good bad or ugly? This was also first time I played with this neighbor and his friend, thanks to them who don’t mind a newbie like myself. The course, canyon lake CA, is pretty short course 6000 yds but with some narrow fairway and quite a bit of elevation. My observation The first few rounds was when my friend, who got me into golf game, showed me around of what I would see in golf course and also showed me different stroke/shot and different clubs. First off, go
  3. Do you guys watch or like any YouTube instructions channel? I’m as a newbie follow a few that think help me learned. It might not better than lesson but for now it will do. I plan to take specific lesson though like griping and swing path. I watch a lot from Danny Maude and Mike Breed.
  4. Mostly straight related to where club face hit the ball. Went for a round of golf today, first time keeping score and got 115(double par limit, and a few of 2 strokes penalties from dropping). Got to practice a few clubs before my friend arrived.
  5. I felt like I’m going nowhere. Tried to hit the ball last night and pretty bad. This morning is better but I feel like it is the same grip I was using before. Man golf is hard 😔😔😔
  6. As a new golfer who doesn’t know how to hit fade or draw and don’t even know his clubs distance, would any of personal/budget type launch monitor help, especially when hitting at home to the Net? Im thinking of buying one, but not really sure I could make a good use of it. I have my eyes set on Mevo, rapsodo and the one that interested me the most R10 (if it is anything as advertised)
  7. Would short fat finger affect the position?😢😢😢 i chocked down about 1-2” from previous grip.
  8. Guys, the last few days, I’d been trying the grip as posted above (haven’t hit one single ball, just try to get comfortable). Please comment if I headed the right way or anything else I need to change. My glove. the grip
  9. Thanks, really glad to know. The grip is my number 1 pet peeve that I’m worried and wanna get it right . when I look at other ppl grips seem mine in stronger especially on the right hand. Do I have to change anything or can I get that out of my mind and continue other improvements like hip turn.
  10. Any one play with strong grip? I think I have strong grip, too strong? I tried neutral grip but it messes up my swing and the club doesn’t feel secure in my hand. Another thing is I seem to have close face at address on 7 or lower club (8-9) Ping G-30. Am I gonna be okay with all the “don’t” here. Sorry for stupid questions, I’m new and don’t even know where to start. I have played with a couple friends and none can show me the right path, even my instructor that I had when first started didn’t say anything about it until I mentioned about my strong grip.
  11. Here is video of today, just hitting a bunch of different clubs. I think I confused the most on 7-iron where as 4-6 my club face square but 7 seem a lot of close. Sometimes I feel I hit better with 5 iron than 7.
  12. Consistency to me is to just to hit ball solidly for now. My rate of hitting ball solidly is about 80% at home, 60-80% at Driving range on real grass and even lower on the course.😔😔😔😔 I would love to practice it right, instead of just hitting the ball after watching a bunch of youtube instructions. Another word, I’m just safe taught and don’t even know if those the right way or not.
  13. You are right. I just use free version not even sure if it is accurate enough to use as guide line.
  14. Thanks I bookmark the above thread. Because I don’t know what I am doing 😂😂😂. I watch too many YouTube instructions. I applied to my swing without knowing if it is good or bad to myself.
  15. Another view at Driving range from 2-3 months ago.
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