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  1. I think I'll keep using it until 2024. Just as well since it is a decent club for me currently. Today it stalked the 50 yard flag on the range well. Thanks for the info everyone.
  2. OK. Thanks for this. Don’t want to be using a club the pros aren’t allowed. Feels wrong.
  3. A friend suggested my 60 degree Cleveland Tour Action 900 wedge wasn't legal to play with, not on tour at least. Just wondered if anyone knew before I go down the rabbit hole of researching it? Many thanks.
  4. Ordered some SuperSpeed Golf Sticks. Thanks. I'm hoping to regain some distance after reading the replies. Scoring better/respectably from my current tees is the current goal. My club only has ladies, members and competitions tees. I play from the members.
  5. It's just I play multiple sports including strength ones, so I could blast it along way if I wanted. I had stiffer shafts before surgery, now I just use regular graphite ones. Oddly enough my strength is still up there reasonably high in the gym, I have lost loads off my golf shots though. Guess the speed has been lost from the attempted gain in stability from the surgerys by the surgeon. My 150 yard 7 iron is comparable to my 200 yard 7 iron for accuracy. That's the issue basically.
  6. If I hit more than 7 Iron I was worried about not putting the ball in play. Sometimes I hit more club, sometimes I took up to a 4 iron usually off the tee on par 5s where the fairways tend to be wider, or on par 4s with wider fairways I might have taken 6/5/4. Getting it out there 200 yards is reasonable on almost every hole so it was OK.
  7. That is clutching to make a stat surely. Hilarious stuff. (The last line). Do you know which iron he used to miss the fairway? Thanks.
  8. Try a few . Use the one you make the most putts with. Give them all a decent length go practice wise.
  9. I know he's done well, not saying he hasn't. He could always change the driver to a higher loft after a bad driving round. Then go back to lower loft (dare I say it even lower than 5 degrees is possible) if he's smashing everything straight.
  10. Haha. He does swing pretty fast and uniquely. That's the only thing I can come up with to try to help him. Playing a 5 degree driver does seem dumb. Gives him less forgiveness off the tee. He'd be better off sacrificing some distance for some extra loft and accuracy I think.
  11. I think a driver or wood would be ideal. I need to groove them on the range. I've only been practicing with irons. Hitting 5 iron 170 off the tee isn't good enough on some holes, they become a 3 shotter. The key is getting the ball in play and avoiding big scores though for the casual player to enjoy themselves. My friend has a 3H, I was never able to hit those things. Maybe I can convince him to let me have a shot with it on the range to see. Yes the second line is key learning my yardages will help my scores a lot when I get onto the course. I try to work on flexibility and strength when I c
  12. I wondered how those who have lost distance like to play? I used to hit my 7 iron nearly 200 yards, now it's more like 150. Not to go into detail but needs some surgery and took a couple of years to start swinging golf club again. I'm hoping some power comes back but not holding my breath as I'm losing weight. The problem is my accuracy is no better than it was on each club. The question is should I lay up a lot of par 4s and play them as 3 shot holes or just go for it? I wondered how those that have lost yardage like to play? Maybe I need to practice more than I used to. I used to take an 7 i
  13. I prefer DeC. BK comes across as a try hard. DeC has always been technical and funky about style even before he turned pro. I remember them making a big thing about the same length clubs in the College/Amateur championship game. DeC makes the sport more interesting. Koepka is just a bit stupid about things.
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