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  1. My only suggestion would be maybe the tempo may be a little quick, but it looks good!
  2. Choking down on the wedge also works wonders with a smooth consistent tempo, basically a knock down shot with a wedge...
  3. Well, in my case it's a matter of going from working in a retail sports store where you come in later some days and get off early others to a real 9-6 job. I get to on the weekends but that's pretty much it. It's the reality of life i guess ha.
  4. I think the biggest thing is confidence in it also, you really have to trust it.
  5. I get to about once or two times a week, just seems like its hard to make time the older i get. How about you all?
  6. thanks! yeah ive been trying to move back from it....im so close there is no way i can come inside enough to be on plane! It's a work in progress...been having some problems with it.
  7. hey guys (and gals), been out of golf for a while and trying to get back in it. Just wanted to post a few vids and see what you guys think. I feel my swing is too upright and i now realize my backswing is wayyy too long and i start to break down my left elbow, and also kinda "chicken-wing" it. If anyone can offer any other advice it'd be appreciated! thanks, justin!
  8. Also, sorry i didnt se an option to edit the post, but a steep downswing can cause you to hit it fat too. You may need to widen your swing some.
  9. I am a HUGE fan of Cleveland golf! I started with a set of Cleveland TA-5's and have never owned another brand of irons since! I now currently own a set of Cleveland TA3 gunmetal irons and i couldnt ask for a better iron! Everyone has their own preferences though, but id suggest anyone to try their products. Their wedges are also IMO the best in the business. I dont think ive hit a bad product by these guys!
  10. There are a few other things that come to mind to me also when speaking of fat shots. 1: dropping the right shoulder on the downswing, and or head 2: too long of a back-swing, i had a problem with this a while back and was hitting the ball fat. Shortened it and was hitting it pure as could be. 3: make sure you aren't breaking down your wrist too soon and your keeping your hands ahead of the club-head 4: releasing too soon and coming into the ball too far behind it. I recently switched to a muscleback iron and one of the first things i realized was i had to start turning on the ball later t
  11. hey all, i just joined the forum here. I'm from columbia, SC and im currently a student at USC. Just wanted to say hello, and i look forward to being a part of the forum!
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