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  1. Courses out there are constructed of primarily bermuda and must be overseeded with rye in the fall for the winter. Bermuda goes dormant in cold weather. Make sure they have completed this process and have begun mowing, especially the greens. Bentgrass greens don't go dormant so they don't need to be overseeded.
  2. The Pro V1 is designed to spin more with a higher trajectory than the Pro V1x. In essence, you give up a little distance for enhanced spin. One additional thing that I will add to this discussion has to do with the ProV(1x) and side spin. Side spin makes the ball go sideways and a ProV(1x) will go sideways harder. Aside from cost, that is why beginners should steer clear of this type of ball.
  3. FILA made a set of irons that had the hosel set behind the clubface. Being charitable, they were odd looking.
  4. Wind gets in your head and can wreak havoc with tempo, and it makes you overswing. Try busting an 8 iron from 100 yards, and coming up short!!! Yeah, we got wind here.
  5. Try out Lely resort on the east trail. Arrowhead is within your 20 minute radius requirement but it is a dog track, and try the Links of Naples if you want to play at night. If you want good golf you have to go to Heritage Bay, The Quarry and Del Webb. Del Webb is a little out there but is well worth the trip. Valencia is good too and is on the way to Del Webb. Naples Beach Resort is also an option. Bottom line is there is not much "public" golf in Naples.
  6. One of the unintended consequences of "shortening" your swing is it can throw off your timing/tempo. My swing gets too long because my left wrist breaks down at the top. I am "shortening" my swing by making sure my left wrist doesn't break down at the top. Essentially the same swing, same tempo, better mechanics, better contact.
  7. Crandon is a great course, but I would also check out the Biltmore.
  8. To the OP, in order to advise you, you need to explain why you would want to put lead tape on your wedges. Wedges are already pretty heavy, I have only heard of players drilling holes in the back of the bounce to remove weight. On woods/metals, lead tape is placed on the toe of the club to help the face close at impact, and it placed near the heel for the opposite effect. It can also be placed strategically to move the center of gravity in an effort to get the ball to launch higher or lower, depending. Sometimes lead tape is used just to add weight. I used lead tape on my (old) putter to
  9. Generally play honors. If someone birdies a hole I am not going to deprive them of honors, and if I have honors and I am ready to hit, I want to go first. In the fairway and on the green, I will let whoever is away play first unless they are not ready and they do not object to me or someone else playing out of turn. Of course when the course is busy, and in an effort not to delay play, players should do whatever they can to keep things moving.
  10. I use Lamkin White Crosslines. I don't clean them. I have two new Titleist clubs that came with Tour Velvets. I figure I will have to re-grip those soon, since Golf Prides generally don't last. But I won't change them until they glaze over. I will see then how difficult Titleist grips are to remove.
  11. When I am between clubs, I will almost always go with more club and hit is smooth rather than try to hit less club hard. I find that bad things happen when I go after the ball hard. That's just what I am comfortable with.
  12. I have never heard of re-gripping because your grips are too tacky. Grips tend to glaze over and get slick as they age. These grips are difficult to hold onto when you are swinging the club. You should re-grip at this point or if you want to switch to another type of grip. Re-gripping is very easy so I always do it myself. Most of my grips are at least five years old and still tacky so I do not plan on re-gripping any time soon. I will say, in general, the longer you leave grips on, the more difficult they are to remove. When trying to remove old grips, they tend to crack and fall apart
  13. Yeah, I've been to one those places in Palm Beach Gardens, right next door to PGA National. They use Cayman balls, which float and are designed to go about half the distance of a regular ball.
  14. I have four brands of clubs working in my "Sun Mountain" bag. If my bag were to match my clubs, what brand bag should I be carrying? Maybe multiple bags...
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