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  1. DannyG

    Win a New Cart from Sun Mountain!

    Would love a gunmetal-flash GT Speed Cart
  2. DannyG

    Tiger's Two-Stroke Penalty at 2013 BMW Championship?

    One of the problems with this situation is Tiger's view of the ball, from above looking down, is totally different from a camera at ground level with a telephoto lens. Two different perspectives of the same object could easily give different results. It is very possible that from Tiger's view the ball did not seem to move but only by close scrutiny at a different angle could the move be seen. Bottom line, in no way did it improve his lie. This was a stupid call. After all, if the ball couldn't be identified as his, he could have picked it up to identify and placed it back as close as possible to where it was. I have no doubts that the replaced ball would have "moved" more than what was shown in the video. But as long as it did not improve his lie, no penalty.
  3. DannyG

    Introducing Five Simple Keys®

    I'm a little confused - Is Five Simple Keys no longer associated with Golf Evolution? There is no mention of it on its website. Why Medicus? I have read a number of complaints from people doing business with them. Is Golfshopcentral part of Medicus? You can also order from the PureStrike.com site, is this your site? When ordering things off the internet I like to know who I'm doing business with but this (Five Keys) seems to be all over the place. Can you help clear this up? Thanks.
  4. DannyG

    Enlow Grips? Anyone tried them?

    $12 per grip is WAY out of my price range.
  5. DannyG

    Best courses in Myrtle Beach?

    That would be a help, thanks!
  6. DannyG

    Best courses in Myrtle Beach?

    I'm exploring MB for a first time visit in February. Have you found a place that offers a consistently good package? I have been shopping and it's a bit overwhelming and when you crunch the numbers, some of the so called packages are no bargain at all.
  7. DannyG

    GPS Accuracy

    I was a real Golfshot fan but lately the gps readings have been all over the place. I walk on a tee and get a totally different reading from the lasered marker in the ground. If I walk away a few yards and then come back I'll get a different reading. I just don't trust it anymore.
  8. DannyG

    Does golfing bad depress u?

    I use to let the game really get to me. I use to get so frustrated after a bad round that I stopped playing for a couple of years. I then came to the realization that unless your playing in a tournament, no matter what your score, it really doesn't matter. Bad score, good score, nobody really cares and as soon as your done with the round it's ancient history. It is really a game that is best enjoyed in the moment no matter how it goes.
  9. Ecco Casual Cool II GTX Size: Ecco size 44, US size is 10-10.5 http://www.eccousa.com/shoes/golf/mens/casual/new-casual-cool-ii-gtx/2736/detail.aspx Worn for only 9-holes, no range time. These shoes came direct from Ecco. They felt great when I put them on so I went out to break them in by playing 9 holes. Unfortunately, the just didn't conform to my foot shape and I developed bad blisters on my heels. I'm really bummed to have to give these up but if they don't fit right there is not much I can do. The shoes are in like-new condition. The photos were taken after the 9-holes (played this morning.) Price is $150 including shipping (Continental US)
  10. I have been using Golfshot since the beginning of last year for both GPS and it's scoring capability. I have an iPhone 4 and have never used more than 40% of the battery in a round.
  11. P.S. My drill, the "hips forward, half swing" thing that's posted via YouTube fairly often... note that the knees aren't straight there. They're not super bent, but they're not yet straight either. Can you post a link to this?
  12. “ The Stack and Tilt Swing” book by Bennett and Plummer has a great section describing the downswing. But there is a particular paragraph that I’m trying to get a better understanding of — “When the club parallels the ground, hips are still moving laterally but the shoulder turn has started to slow down relative to the club, which allows the club to “turn the corner” into impact. This slowing down of the shoulders transfers speed to arms and then the club. This is a major element that experienced players use to accelerate the club into impact, like cracking a whip.” I always envisioned my swing with my hands staying centered in front of my chest on the take away and the downswing. I know that doesn’t actually happen as the club reaches the top of the backswing, but the thought has always helped me on the downswing in that it helps me keep my shoulders square to the target line at impact. But what the above paragraph describes seems difficult to achieve. Not only to you have to have the hips sliding forward, you also have to start the shoulder turn and then slow it down and let the hands catch up? This must all happen in a micro-second. Can someone explain this a little better and maybe describe what this feels like. Thanks.

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