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  1. Hmm, some really good goals here. Mine a bit more simple, but so is my background. I'll be entering my 3rd year golfing in an unfortunately frozen part of Canada in about... April. For then I'd like to: Get in shape - Get back to my weight lifting routine and continue running 4 times a week. Set a reasonable scoring goal I've been through a crazy amount of lessons. I broke 90 at the end of the season with two 88's. I know it seems laughable, but that had me at a season low of 16 over par. I'd like to get to low 80's by end of season (80'ish). Increase club head speed (please no more emails selling product) I've been in a lot of winter lessons re-working my path. Last year I had a very short driver distance (about 240ish). I look forward to checking this out in about 6 months and seeing if I felll on my face or managed to take on the challenge.
  2. I stumbled on the Ping Ug-le. I was sure I was going for some other putter, but I kept hitting it and comparing it to several others. I found at the end of about an hour of putting... the Ugle kept sinking the puts. A bonus for me is lining up. I've always been very natural at judging weight, but lining up was an issue sometimes. The Ug-le is probably one of the easiest I've ever lined up.
  3. I picked up a SUMO last night and the headcover seems fine. Very easy. Don't know if it's different for the SUMO2 though.
  4. That's brutal... but I bet you're really good at that golf exercise where you throw your club down the target line after you strike the ball... And an expensive club too. Since I'm considering a Sumo/Sumo 2 I saw your thread and just thought it was someone bashing the Sumo 2. The big question is: did you like it enough to get another one?
  5. Yea? well you know what else you can -not- look forward to? Me playing in women's events (I'm a dude). You can bet I'll be demanding that the equality thing goes both ways.
  6. I did a review of the clubs on a different forum. Actually I'm pretty sure when I was researching nike OSS slingshots, I saw a review on the Sandtrap as well. Briefly, let me tell you... I knew I was looking for 'game improvement' clubs for a few weeks and I had a game plan. I tried out Callaway's (BB's, Fusions,), Taylormade XDs and CGBs, Mizuno MX-17/19's, and a few others I can't even remember. What I did was take a few of each brand every day and hit them with a launch monitor. I knew a sale was coming up at my local store so I made a short list. Eventually I hit every set I mentioned at least twice. At the top of my 'short list' was Nike Slingshot OSS's. Some people whine about the (thick top) look, but really, after owning them a month, I honestly don't even notice it anymore. Hitting wise, no other club I tried gave me the consistency, and narrow shot dispersion (actually that was always a 'best' statistic for my testing with Nike's). I finally reached a point of exhaustion and just got sick of trying clubs... the Nike's were my best choice. Don't listen to negative 'Tiger' crap, or anything that has nothing to do with golf. Get what YOU want. People rag on Adams clubs, claiming they are for 'old' men, but that was another brand I heavily considered. (forgot to mention that). "feel" I found to be a very specific thing. Can I shape the ball? Of course not. that's not what these do. They do go long and straight though. You can control trajectory, but they do want to hit straight. As far as feedback, I tend to have found different results than some people. I clean my clubs every use at the range and use tape sometimes. (impact tape). Truthfully, if I swing and have a slight misshit, I can tell right away. I pick up the club, examine the head, and it's confirmed. Conversely, a solid sweet spot connection feels like butter, whereas a hozel hit will sting... So if you're looking for more feel than that, then yea, consider something else. That's the short version of my experiences. I of course bought them and have been really impressed. It's the first set of irons I've bought in a long time that I do not have _any_ second thoughts about a month after owning them. In the end, I suggest you don't take my advice. Just about every one of the top club manufacturers have an awesome set of GI clubs. HIT them. Trust me, nothing beats your own experiences and some data on a lanuch monitor (if available). You'll see your launch, length, dispersion, spin, club head speed and other important data. My final piece of advice on this is -get fitted-. I thought I was happy with these.. took them home for a week and came back for fitting (they were pretty busy so I had to comeback) and after a lie adjustment, I hit them a little more centered where the club sole hits the ground. I had the grips changed a bit too. Have fun. ;)
  7. I had to laugh at this. Last night I'm watching the Hawaiian tournament. Furyk, Weir, Ogilvy, and Woods are mic'ed up for sound. Unfortunately, they hardly played any sound bites from the players, maybe it wasn't fit for T.V.... anyway Tiger misreads a put and taps it to the wrong side of the cup. It doesn't drop. But on his way to tap it in, in a very sarcastic voice, Tiger says, 'Yea, you're a real world class putter, aren't you?' I gotta huge kick out of this. I've never had the opportunitty to see these guys in real life and for some reason, I just never imagined Tiger saying something that negative. I do that all the time and wife (if she's there) will ride me pretty hard about it. Which just makes it worse. lol I've never heard pro's talk like this before. I found all the sound bites they played very amusing. I hope they show more tonight... anyone watching that btw?
  8. Who says you have to be 'beautiful' to sell cameras? Didn't Rodney Dangerfield sell canned beans or something? I feel sorry for her. If my parents *****d me like this, I'd probably pull a Macualy Calkin (whatever his name is) and 'divorce' them... otherwise I'd probably end up a mall security dude, ala Gary Coleman. Where was I going with this? Oh yea... Don't do school and stay in drugs. (Mr.T circa 1984)
  9. I love it...! Okay I admit I'd never wear it, but you gotta admit you gotta have balls to wear that thing. He's probably better off in the long run wearing it; protects the ears and back of the neck better from the sun. (I've noticed the older guys often wear those bucket hats, or weaved hats) Giddy up Shingo.
  10. 2 clubs actually: 2 shockers. First I needed a new putter and didn't want to spend money. I spent about 20 minutes trying out putters and walked out with a 20 dollar (discounted from a ding) Wilson putter. This thing has been amazing for me. Too bad it's falling apart. lol Secondly, a bigger shocker, my late season acquisition of a Slingshot hybrid. I never liked hybrids til this thing. To quote Dana Quigley, '...this feels like cheating.' I was shocked how much I can put into a swing with this thing. Too bad I got it so late in the season.
  11. On forums? (as the OP asked) Yes, I believe so. But then again they could be fudging their handicaps as well. I believe the 'fish' stories aren't limited to poor players. Ego isn't limited to poor skill. I get a kick out of watching pro's even pull out a club that's too short because they're playing with Tiger or a similar situation.
  12. Just curious, if you've ever used a training aid and found that it actually worked. I have used the actual dual hinged driver thingy. I got sucked into the infomercial. I was impressed by all the people saying how well they hit this club and that it resulted in a better drive. They claimed when you improve your swing enough, the club will stay rigid enough that you can actually hit the ball! I excitedly opened the box, watched the DVD's and then promptly went in the backyard to tee up an imaginary ball. I swung at half speed to be safe... nothing unhinged. Ok... full speed swing... nothing unhinged until the club was behind my neck. Wow. So I guess I didn't need this thing? Am I good or what? Next thing I know, I take it to the range. Sure I feel self conscious but these people won't be laughing when they see me drill my drives now! I take some more practice swings and boy I am swinging hard now. And this thing only comes unhinged when I've completed the swing around my neck. I must truly -own- my swing!!! So it's test time. I take my driver, which is a lot longer... and the head is a lot larger. And I let 'er rip. Huge slice; 100 yards deep, 100 yards to the right. Damn. Try another, bigger slice. I try about 10 more, calming my swing down considerably til they straighten out and reach about 175 yards! In total frustration I tee up a ball with this (unnamed) dual hinge driver club (remember they say in the advertisement when you have a good swing you can even drive with this club). I tee up a ball and smash it with the dual hinge driver! Straight as an arrow. Wow thanks for a training aid that teaches me how to hit... the training club really well! That was my first and last foray into training aids. I tried this club for several more weeks, but it never helped me. Anyone else have an experience.. even a positive one?
  13. This isn't limited to golf. It's an 'internet thing'. The inability to call someone on being full of it, allows for gross exaggeration. Younger folk do it more often and that becomes really apparent if you're interacting a lot on the web, via IRC or whatever. I disagree about the high handicappers exaggerating mostly. There's a personality type that isn't limited to poor scores that just perfers to B.S. when it comes to these matters. On the other hand, I have a friend I golf with who is just really an idiot when it comes to yardage. (IE. He actually fools himself) I believe if you met this guy in real life, you'd know what I'm talking about. We had a 209 yard whole about a month ago. He pulls out a mid iron, and I say, 'going for the green with that?' (not to be a jerk, I was just generally surprised). He says 'Oh yeaaaaa...' (Like I do this all the time.) Needless to say he scalped the ball resulting in a worm burner. Then he proceeds to hit another the same way ( no one was behind us). Then in anger he grabs his driver! Rips it hard, and slices it harder into the bush. Watching this I pulled out my 3 Wood and let a nice easy swing go and had my best strike of the day (edge of green). And he will still insist he used the right club. My point is there are some people who genuinely fool themselves and believe they have great yardage. (This same guy will often tell me it's because he's sober with me. lol He claims he plays much better half corked.)
  14. This sounds about right. Originally when I posted this I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I know I'll never have great club head speed, I think I started too late in life. No, I just want it to be.... less embarrassing. lol I've had a few range sessions since posting this. The number one thing that had crept up on me without me even noticing was my tight grip. I relaxed it and once again enjoyed the benefit of a relaxed grip. One thing keeps robbing me of power, over, and over again. I come across the plane a lot. I end up hitting the ball -very- close to the hozel. My arms are coming out way in front of me. This becomes more exagerrated with driving. I think I may have figured it out. I've had so many lessons, I can't believe no one mentioned this (unless I'm completely off basis here) but I'm standing up too straight. I believe I am anyway. I think this is killing my power because my arms are coming around my body rather than a downward motion. 1: Working on it. I always had a neutral comfortable grip. I'm working on releasing the finger tension again. Thanks. 2: I have good flexibility. I can usually see the seam of my shirt in my backswing. 3: I used to over cock on the upswing. My last lesson I was instructed to let my arms do a little more work and quiet the wrists a little bit. 4: That I do. In fact I find if I don't, my weight ends up on my back foot causing a reverse pivot (not sure if this happens to anyone else). 5: Hmm... working on this. 6: Working on this as well. To me it -feels- like my hands are leading the club head through impact, delaying the uncocking of wrists. 7: If by 'the' head, you mean my head, yea, I have been doing that much at least. 8: Doing this as well. Sometimes to remind myself of how it feels, I place a small item (push a tee deep in the grass) about 6" in front of my ball. 9: Pfft. Maybe someday. 10. How about 7.3 seconds? Thanks. Still working hard on this.
  15. All I know is any ball that can do that to a jello mold must be incredible. Seriously though I was wondering the same thing. Personally I was going to buy up some of the green packaged distance balls (Soft). Plus the 'ignite' ball is on sale a lot around me right now. It's not like I'll be playing a game soon, but let me know.
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